Review: Cream Snail by “Zillya Mavky”. The product with secrets

When I saw the cream Snail by Ukrainian workshop “Zillya Mavky” I understood that this is serious product. I had read a few reviews about it, then I looked throw a list of ingredients… and I decided that I would have been love this cream. It has been truth – I have loved this product so much. Today I want to tell you why it is really worthy of attention.

Review: Cleansing facial foam and Moisturizing protective cream by NATURE med. Perfect products for perfect face

If I had to choose only one cosmetic brand for all my life it would have been NATURE med. This Ukrainian brand makes perfect products and its new series for facial care has got exactly this mission – to make a skin perfect. I have tried two products from this series – a cleansing facial foam Perfectly clean face and a cream for normal and combination skin Moisturized Protected face by NATURE med. I think both can be the best choice for every day. And if you have got only them you can count on the best facial care! There are some details in my today review!

Review: The Cucumber Balance control skincare series by Dr. Sante. Cheap and effective

If I don’t know which skincare product should I buy I always try to find novelties by Ukrainian brand Laboratory Elfa. It always has got lots of different skincare series and recently I tested a new one – a Cucumber Balance control series which offers everything you need for your face (and not only face). Some products are gorgeous, some of them weren’t very good for me but I can say that this cheap and effective series is worthy of attention. Why? Let sort it out together in my today review!

Review: GUAM MicroBio Cellulaire normalizing sebum cream for oily skin. It’s perfect, nothing more

How can I write about GUAM’s products? They are ideal. This is all. And MicroBio Cellulaire normalizing sebum cream for oily skin is also the best. What should I add in my review? Everything will be just an extra words. But of course I can’t stop on this point! I’ll tell you a lot about this product because it is worthy of attention. And… worthy of love!

Review: The facial cream Tea Tree by ChistoTel. How to make a medicine from a cosmetics?

This cream by Ukrainian brand ChistoTel was the one which I couldn’t understand long time. I have got an allergy of tea tree and I hoped that this product didn’t provoke it but unfortunately it did this. I was so upset… but now I know how to use this product without any problems! The tea tree extract gives the best treatment to the skin so I have had to find a way of appropriate using the cream Tea tree. How to do this without suffering from inflammations? I know and tell you in my today review!

Review: Nourishing night facial cream Onion Flavones age control 35+ by NATUREmed. The cream I can’t live without

I have told you yet about a perfect series of products by Ukrainian brand NATUREmed which is called Power over time and today I want to make a new review of one of them. This is the time for a Nourishing night facial cream Onion Flavones age control 35+ Power over time by NATUREmed. It’s also really gorgeous as other product which I have tested yet. Why? Please read my today review!

Sunscreen MaySun by EVA. My sun is tender

Earlier I never bought facial sunscreens. I thought they weren't neccessary in big city where you can't find the real hot sun. It is always not so bright and not so dangerous in cities, I supposed. And I was always so surprised when my face became red after a usual walk or trip to the office. I tried to solve this problem using a body sun protection creams on the face but it wasn't a good decision. So this summer I decided to buy a special cream for the face and there was a big surprise when the Ukrainian line of the shops EVA sent me all its sun protection series. There have been a sunscreen MaySun in this collection which I want to tell you about in my today review!

Review: Protective baby balm and Coldcream by Weleda. Our collection against a wind and a cold. Part 2

This is the second part of my post about my perfect seasonal products by Weleda. We with my daughter Tanya have got our small collection of the "wintery" cosmetics by this brand and I have told you about the Protective baby balm against a wind and a cold yet. Now is the time of a Coldcream. May be one of the most famous Weleda's product! About this Protective cream against a wind and a cold - in my today review!

Review: The facial cream Sunny by FLORI. One mohito for the skin!

At night the skin needs the deeper moistening than during the day, I think. So I try to use more thick skincare products before go to bed. One of them is an organic facial cream Sunny by Ukrainian brand FLORI. This is a very dense product and it can solve all skin problems when it suffer from a dryness or irritation. How does it work? I'll tell you about it in my today review.