L’Erbolario – Italian brand, which is need your attention… or not? Reviews of two products

I like using Italian cosmetics, so L’Erbolario has been a good surprise. I got two products in the last Watsons box – a personal hygiene cleanser with Island moss and ribwort leaves and a hand cream with lemon. Both are good, of course, but both have got their own “BUT”. Should you try them or not? Let’s discuss. 

Review: Hand creams Argania and Lemon + shea by MayBody. My favs for winter

Winter is a period when I need a lot of hand creams. I keep them everywhere and I especially love very big tubes which are spent slowly and very small ones which I can take with me in my bag. So the pair of hand creams by MayBody (the own brand of the line of the shops EVA) has been a really chic surprise. There is a big cream Argania (very big!) for everyday using and a small one Lemon + shea for taking it with me if I need. Both are the main characters of my today review!

Review: Hand cream by Bila Pava. Changeable and gorgeous!

When I was young I has got a very tender skin on my hands. It was almost transparent and absolutely soft. Now I try to get it back so looking for a perfect hand cream never stop. And I think I have found one! Today I'll tell you about it - a hand cream by Ukrainian brand Bila Pava which is the first number in my collection of hand creams!

Review: Hand cream Vetiver by FLORI. Unusual, original, effective... favorite

When I saw it first time I couldn't understood how to use it. Very small, very thick and very unusual cream seemed to be a product not for every day. But when I used it... I decided: it would be my pefect gift. It is really not for every day because I don't want to spend it light-mindedly. I want to pamper my hands so this cream only for special days! How do I use it? The hand cream Vetiver by Ukrainian brand FLORI is the main character of my today review!

Review: The hand cream Olive by Зеленая аптека. Your hands need it!

Have you got a hand cream which you buy always - again and again, each time when a previous one is finished? I have. I always try to find in a shop the same item - my perfect hand cream Olive by Ukrainian brand Зеленая аптека. This is also the own brand of Laboratory Elfa. I buy it since I saw it first time in a store. And when Laboratory Elfa sent it to me for testing I was so happy! This new item has been really neccessary because the previous one had finished till the package came to me. And now I use this hand cream a lot. I'll tell you everything about it in my today review.