My summer look with accessories from Details are everything!

This summer for me has got one motto – minimum clothes, minimum accessories. I almost don’t buy new things but I’m really interested in small details which make a usual outfit different and bright. The online-shop helps me in it: due to its items I have made lots of interesting combination. Today I want to show you one of them.

Mood for glasses! My new pair by why the world is so bright?

I'm having got a bad eyesight all my life. I'm wearing glasses during last 10 years but I used only one pair of them till now. It was just no name pair for all cases and I don't like it so much. That's why I wore the glasses hardly ever - only if I could do nothing without them. But now I wear the glasses almost always and I have started to love this process. Why? Because I have got a new pair from the Global online optical store This post is my declaration of love for this shop... and for its perfect glasses!

Red&white in my life

I wanted to show you my red&white look for Viva Beauty Day and I forgot to do this! But this look is becoming not inappropriate because I can't wear a coat now, it's too hot. So I need to be in a hurry and show you this outfit before it will be too old! I liked it, it was unusual for me but I felt perfectly in these clothes! All of them red or white - very unexpectable colors for me!

When it was warm and my hair were longer

I have found one of my looks which I made in fall yet and then forgot about it! Now I look throw the photos and understand that they are quite interesting. So I want to show them today. My fave autumn outfit for the days which were so bright... Looking at the sun and warm world is so important now when we have got the coldest and the dullest wintery days. 

My outfits: Red, black, winter and me

Winter is the best time to wear the brightest colors. The red one is my fave now and I don't know what can be more classical and chic in the same time than the pair red+black. Of course I wear it a lot (when it's not too cold) and today I'll show you my usual outfit for going shopping. It's comfy, easy and very convenient in all cases!

It's not noticeable but I have got two tops - the black and the red ones. It's cold to wear just one of them) But I love this idea - with some red details black color doesn't look gloomy.