Puffer jacket: street style which warms you! How to wear the trendy outerwear?

This winter is the kindest for fashionistas! It gives them a chance to be trendy and warm at the same time! Puffer jackets are the rescue! All of them are warm, very warm and all of them can by stylish. It’s the best idea – be different every day. Just choose you puffer jacket: street style will be richer due to you!

Travel to romantic with Bangood.com. My wintery wish-list

This winter in my life will be romantic! I have decided that this season shouldn’t be dull, I will be able to wear dresses and light clothes despite the fact that I need to put the heavy outerwear over them. The romantic things will even be more interesting in pair with oversize outerwear. How this is possible? Let’s look together with Bangood.com!

The scarf for the snow

My fave cobalt blue beanie has found its pair! It's the scarf! I made it when it was so cold and I hoped that I have got almost a month for wearing it every day. But... this is the warmest February in my life so I wear this scarf hardly ever. But it doesn't bother me, because I love it.

My outfits: Red, black, winter and me

Winter is the best time to wear the brightest colors. The red one is my fave now and I don't know what can be more classical and chic in the same time than the pair red+black. Of course I wear it a lot (when it's not too cold) and today I'll show you my usual outfit for going shopping. It's comfy, easy and very convenient in all cases!

It's not noticeable but I have got two tops - the black and the red ones. It's cold to wear just one of them) But I love this idea - with some red details black color doesn't look gloomy.