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Wigs in your life: PRO or CONTRA? When we can wear style details by

Wigs?? On my head?? I thought, no, it’s impossible… but one time I tried and understand: there are some PRO arguments for this accessories. The best feature of personal style for minimalist are details. And wigs are the most… Interesting? Unusual? Original? Let’s think together with Everydaywigs.

Inflatable tumble tracks from Wholesale Airtruck: 5 reasons to like them. Sport is easier than you can think

When I started to have got a healthy lifestyle I was afraid of hard sport exercises. I was lazy, it seemed to be really difficult to work every day… and I could not to be sportive at all. But everything changes, if there is equipment, which can make everyday sport challenge easier. One of the most useful (and pleasant) thing is inflatable tumble mat or truck for exercises and stunts. Today I want to make a review of this interesting thing by online shop Wholesale Airtruck. Why can we need (and love) them?

Review: A new Notebook Kolo 2018 by Brunnen. For your best ideas

This happens every year. I get a new notebook by Brunnen. I started to wait for it each winter. And this one wasn’t an exception. My Brunnen notebook Kolo for 2018 is with me and I’m starting to use it. Why I love this notebook and why I think we should use them despite the fact, that we can make all notes in phone? Just stay with me and keep reading!

My summer look with accessories from Details are everything!

This summer for me has got one motto – minimum clothes, minimum accessories. I almost don’t buy new things but I’m really interested in small details which make a usual outfit different and bright. The online-shop helps me in it: due to its items I have made lots of interesting combination. Today I want to show you one of them.

Spring! The time for dresses! What to choose on StyleWe and JustFashionNow?

What have I prepared for warm season in my wardrobe? Of course lots of dresses! This is spring (almost summer!) so how can I wear banal jeans if this season is so gorgeous, so romantic! Only dresses, only sophisticated beauty in its pure form! And today I want to show you what I have chosen in two shops StyleWe and JustFashionNow. Let’s look at the perfect dresses from the best ones!

Review: Cosmetic organizer from BornPrettyStore. When everything you love is in order!

I think people don’t need only orderliness, a little mess is necessary for all of us! But our favorite things should be kept in good condition, shouldn’t them? So if you love cosmetics as I love it you also like all this stuff for keeping different. Organizers! They are the best decision for beautyblogger’s life! And today I want to show you one of these necessary things – a small and compact cosmetics organizer from the online-shop BornPrettyStore.