The OMI Brotherhood is in Ukraine now! A new brand in Agent-Parfumer!

Ukrainian shop of cosmetics and niche parfumery Agent-Parfumer has started to sell a new Japanese brand - The OMI Brotherhood which is so populare in its native country. Now it is available for Ukrainian fans of Japan and Agent-Parfumer has got an exclusive offering for them. Today I with a few other beautyblogers saw all series The OMI Brotherhood  which is available in the shop and I can say that it is real richness! Now all cool skincare products from Japan are available in Ukraine!

Review: The shampoo K.Therapy repaire and the conditioner LAK 2 by Lakme. New favorites of my hair!

I heard about this brand earlier and it was always accotiated with luxury for me. Lakme. Something that should be gorgeous. But this brand wasn't available till the last time. When I tried it (due to the shop Agent-Parfumer that gave a few products to me as a gift), I understood why I thought so. The products by Lakme are really chic. The revitalizing shampoo K.Therapy repaire and the be-phase conditioner LAK-2 are the best examples of this rule. And today I'll teel you why.

Review: Heavy Rotation Sexy Nude Lip Gloss by Isehan. The first step to Japan

Earlier I never used Japanese cosmetics. I didn't know where I can buy it and I wasn't sure that it can be really suitable for me. But before the New year I got a gift from the shop Agent Parfumer and there was very beautiful lip gloss by Japanese brand Isehan. Of course I could not help but try it! And today I'll tell you about this interesting product. Good it or not? Lets think together.