Corean cosmetics: pro and contra. My experience of using the Benton's products

I have written about a Corean cosmetics yes - in the beginning of using it because it has been a gorgeous finding for me. My previous post was so enthusiastic and this was justified - a few products by the brand Benton have been really chic and have given me very good result after the first using. Now I can say more about this cosmetics because I used it more than one month. I'll tell you about advantages and disadvantages of all products Benton I have tested.

Pre-review. 4 reasons why the Corean cosmetics is worthy of attention

Today is the second day in my life when I use the Corean cosmetics. Earlier I tried only a few testers and it wasn't regularly so I can say that my expirience was zero when I started using the system by Corean brand Benton. And... I have never have got more inspiring cosmetics! Today I'll write only a quick post - just a pre-review. The whole post will be soon but now I'm so surprised and so admired, I can't keep silence!