Pregnancy without “by-effects”. How to keep your body perfect? Decisions with GUAM?

Last month I went to GUAM shop in Kiev and chose a small “pregnancy kit” for girls who want to keep a body in good condition during this delicate period. A perfect GUAM team helped me to find something effective and without by-effects. Together we found a good “set” for happy pregnancy with GUAM cosmetics. 

Review: Anti-cellulite mask Dren+ by GUAM. What does my summer look like (Part 2)?

I have already written about my summer with GUAM and today is good time for a new post! When I prepared for summer I used not only the anti-cellulite Algascrub but also a mask Dren+ by GUAM, which also has got an anti-cellulite effect. The mask is one of the best idea for home wraps and I did them quite often. What result have I got? Let’s read the second part of my GUAM’s review!

Review: Anti-cellulite and aromatherapeutic Algascrub by GUAM. What does my summer look like?

My vacation finished last week but my well-maintained body is with my till now. Who did help me to make it almost ideal? Of course GUAM! This Italian brand makes perfect anti-cellulite and bodycare products which are unraveled. And before I started my summer trip I had used a few of them. Today I want to show you the first product which helps to make the body ready for beach! Let's look at an exfoliating Algascrub by GUAM!

Review: The product for a body skin cleansing by Mirelin. Ukrainian beauty!

I have started to be a big fan of Ukrainian cosmetics. When I find a new brand I feel so excited! This is always so interesting achievement for me and today I want to tell you about one of the new brand which can not to know yet. It's Mirelin - a unuque cosmetics for me which is very effective and powerful. I have got some products by Mirelin now, I use all of them and I feel something incredible. These products are really worthy of attention! Why? Let's see in my today review of the product for a body skin cleansing! 

Review: Fangocrema by GUAM (cellulite formula). The flame against the cellulite!

I love the body creams which give some tangible effect - freshness or warmness. When I feel something I understand that the cosmetics works and that's why Fangocrema by GUAM has been really effective finding for me. I feel how it makes my skin smoother and how my cellulite are decreasing because this cream has got the warming-up effect. "Warming-up" is a key word! The cream gives absolutely bright feeling of warmness. And today I'm going to tell you everything about it!