Review: The brush set by BornPrettyStore. All you need are brushes!

When I ordered a brush set in BornPrettyStore I choose the one with the 7 pieces. I thought that this quantity is enough for usual daily (or even evening) make up. But I got 20! 20 one style brushes which are so versatile and useful! Not all of them are good for me, but the most part is now very helpful and I'll tell you about all this set's properties in my today review!

Review: Small, convenient, cool. My new brush by BornPrettyStore

Recently I decided to update my make up brushes collection. I have been using the brushes set by Mare Kay so far but they became quite old and I need to find new ones.

And one of the most irreplaceable brushes for me is the smallest and the thinest brush for eye liners and working with the smalest details. And I want to order my new one in BornPrettyStore. So in my today review I'm going to tell you about my new Fine Eye Liner Brush Professional Makeup Brush by BornPrettyStore.