Review: Soap for children Baby by Dr. Sante. Hello, my love, hello

I will never understand people who don’t like using soap in pieces. I think there is so much beauty in this product! It can be effective, can be very soft and tender… or can be not… but it is always beautiful. I can prove – I’ve got three perfect pieces by Dr. Sante (the own brand of Ukrainian manufacturer Elfa laboratory) and all of them are chic. This is soap Baby which I use now together with my daughter Tanya. Why we love it? Everything about it – in my today review!

Review: Baby bath foam 2 in 1 BabyBorn by Elfa. For children? No, for me!

Children's cosmetics is the best finding for... adults! It's a rule and you will understand me if you try some baby's products for yourself. For example a bath foam BabyBorn which is made by Ukrainian Elfa laboratory. This is product 2 in 1 - it can be used as a foam or a shampoo for children and... it can be also cool cosmetics for adults. Try it! I'll tell you how to use this product in my today review!

Review: Protective baby balm and Coldcream by Weleda. Our collection against a wind and a cold. Part 1

Today will be unusual review because I'm going to tell you about two different products in one post. It will be quite big so I have decided to devide it on two parts. Both products are very powerful and dispite the fact that they are not from one series they are quite similar. These are the products which we with my daughter Tanya call our small collection against the freeze. It includes the Protective baby balm against a wind and a cold Calendula and the famouse Coldcream (also against a wind and a cold) by Weleda.

Review: Protective baby cream Babyborn by Elfa. Don't be freeze!

I have got an allergy of the frost and my daughter also has got it. Her skin become red and rough after a half an hour walking when the temperature is lower than -5 C. My skin starts to be irritating and I have gor a few acne after the walking on the frost. All my life I look for good protective products for the skin and recently I found one - very chic and very cheap. It's the protective cream for babies 0-3 years old Babyborn by laboratory Elfa, one of my fave Ukrainian brand. Read more about it in my today review!