Review: The facial cream Tea Tree by ChistoTel. How to make a medicine from a cosmetics?

This cream by Ukrainian brand ChistoTel was the one which I couldn’t understand long time. I have got an allergy of tea tree and I hoped that this product didn’t provoke it but unfortunately it did this. I was so upset… but now I know how to use this product without any problems! The tea tree extract gives the best treatment to the skin so I have had to find a way of appropriate using the cream Tea tree. How to do this without suffering from inflammations? I know and tell you in my today review!

Review: Black Beldi The traditions of hammam by Chistotel. Ideal cleansing!

Unusual cleansing cosmetics is always a very interesting finding. So I couldn't pass by a beldi - an original soft soap which has got a very long history and is considered the most effective cleansing product ever. I have tried one beldi yet - the beldi Rose The traditions of hammam by Ukrainian brand ChistoTel. And a month ago this brand sent me its novelty - one more beldi (the Black beldi The traditions of hammam). Of course I have tried it with a pleasure. Is it effective? Read please my today review!

Review: The Essence of organic (shampoo and conditioner) by ChistoTel. Natural pleasure for hair!

I'm always very careful with organic products for hair. They made my hair worse very often so sometimes I even affraid of using them. But the products by ChistoTel are the quite different matter! This Ukrainian organic brand is really powerful and I believe in its cosmetics so I started to use  my new shampoo and the balm-conditioner from the series The Essence of organic without any doubts. And my hair are really satisfied now! Both products will be the main characters of my today review and I'm writting about them with an absolute pleasure! 

Preview. New products by ChistoTel! Let's start a magic!

It was an unexpected package! One of very interesting for me Ukrainian brands ChistoTel has made me happy with its novelties. I got a few new products and all of them have been so promising! Now I started to use a half of them and can say - theay are really magic! 

What have I got by ChistoTel? It's a very versatile collection: