Review: Cleansing facial foam and Moisturizing protective cream by NATURE med. Perfect products for perfect face

If I had to choose only one cosmetic brand for all my life it would have been NATURE med. This Ukrainian brand makes perfect products and its new series for facial care has got exactly this mission – to make a skin perfect. I have tried two products from this series – a cleansing facial foam Perfectly clean face and a cream for normal and combination skin Moisturized Protected face by NATURE med. I think both can be the best choice for every day. And if you have got only them you can count on the best facial care! There are some details in my today review!

Review: The Cucumber Balance control skincare series by Dr. Sante. Cheap and effective

If I don’t know which skincare product should I buy I always try to find novelties by Ukrainian brand Laboratory Elfa. It always has got lots of different skincare series and recently I tested a new one – a Cucumber Balance control series which offers everything you need for your face (and not only face). Some products are gorgeous, some of them weren’t very good for me but I can say that this cheap and effective series is worthy of attention. Why? Let sort it out together in my today review!

Corean cosmetics: pro and contra. My experience of using the Benton's products

I have written about a Corean cosmetics yes - in the beginning of using it because it has been a gorgeous finding for me. My previous post was so enthusiastic and this was justified - a few products by the brand Benton have been really chic and have given me very good result after the first using. Now I can say more about this cosmetics because I used it more than one month. I'll tell you about advantages and disadvantages of all products Benton I have tested.

Review: Baby bath foam 2 in 1 BabyBorn by Elfa. For children? No, for me!

Children's cosmetics is the best finding for... adults! It's a rule and you will understand me if you try some baby's products for yourself. For example a bath foam BabyBorn which is made by Ukrainian Elfa laboratory. This is product 2 in 1 - it can be used as a foam or a shampoo for children and... it can be also cool cosmetics for adults. Try it! I'll tell you how to use this product in my today review!

Pre-review. 4 reasons why the Corean cosmetics is worthy of attention

Today is the second day in my life when I use the Corean cosmetics. Earlier I tried only a few testers and it wasn't regularly so I can say that my expirience was zero when I started using the system by Corean brand Benton. And... I have never have got more inspiring cosmetics! Today I'll write only a quick post - just a pre-review. The whole post will be soon but now I'm so surprised and so admired, I can't keep silence!