Review: Cream Snail by “Zillya Mavky”. The product with secrets

When I saw the cream Snail by Ukrainian workshop “Zillya Mavky” I understood that this is serious product. I had read a few reviews about it, then I looked throw a list of ingredients… and I decided that I would have been love this cream. It has been truth – I have loved this product so much. Today I want to tell you why it is really worthy of attention.

Review: The Cucumber Balance control skincare series by Dr. Sante. Cheap and effective

If I don’t know which skincare product should I buy I always try to find novelties by Ukrainian brand Laboratory Elfa. It always has got lots of different skincare series and recently I tested a new one – a Cucumber Balance control series which offers everything you need for your face (and not only face). Some products are gorgeous, some of them weren’t very good for me but I can say that this cheap and effective series is worthy of attention. Why? Let sort it out together in my today review!

Review: Facial care from the “0%” series by Dr.Sante. Absolute tenderness!

I like everything that Laboratory Elfa makes in cosmetic sphere and I absolutely love using the series of their products. When I have a whole line of cosmetics in my bathroom I feel that I get a total skincare in different aspects. That’s why I liked using a series “0%” by Dr.Sante (the own brand of Laboratory Elfa). I used a facial cleansing milk Chamomile, a toner Extracts of ginseng and pomegranate and a daily cream Karite oil and collagen. All of them were chic but not each product I’ll repeat. Why? Let’s talk about in now, in my today review.

Review: Protective baby balm and Coldcream by Weleda. Our collection against a wind and a cold. Part 2

This is the second part of my post about my perfect seasonal products by Weleda. We with my daughter Tanya have got our small collection of the "wintery" cosmetics by this brand and I have told you about the Protective baby balm against a wind and a cold yet. Now is the time of a Coldcream. May be one of the most famous Weleda's product! About this Protective cream against a wind and a cold - in my today review!

Review: Everything will be Creamwell! My new and perfect daily cream

When I get a new Ukrainian cosmetics I can forget everything - I absolutely love trying the new products and knowing the new producers so they are always on the first place for me. And when I had got an opportunity to test a daily cream by Ukrainian organic brand Creamwell I did not think twice! I ordered it and I enjoy this product so far! I'm going to introduce you very interesting organic brand from Ukraine and exellent working product by it in my today review! This is the daily cream Creamwell for oily and combination skin!