Review: The solid shampoo Mint by Dobre Mylo. How to use this haircare product?

The solid shampoos are the hardest kind of cosmetics for me. I want to use them but I have always got problems because my hair can’t get used to this kind of cosmetics. It’s very difficult to tame the products but I still hope that I’ll be able to do this. And the solid shampoo Mint by Dobre Mylo helps me to manage with this task!

Review: Natural soap Mint by Dobre Mylo. Fall in love with a soap?

It's a soap? Oh, no! Not just! This is a versatile product which is really universal and when I got it by a Ukrainian brand Dobre Mylo I understood that it would be love from the first sight. The natural soap Mint by Dobre Mylo is my best helper now. I use it a lot and I can say that this is not only a usual piece of soap! This is a magic thing and I'll tell you how to use it in my today review.