Review: Manicure set Camill Lady from EVA. My personal helper!

It seems that I don’t need the manicure tools at all because I like wearing gel nail polishes and I do a manicure in a nail salon. But this is false. I really need this stuff and when I got a manicure set Camill Lady from the Ukrainian line of the shops EVA I was so glad! Why? Let’s look together in my today review!

Review: Hand creams Argania and Lemon + shea by MayBody. My favs for winter

Winter is a period when I need a lot of hand creams. I keep them everywhere and I especially love very big tubes which are spent slowly and very small ones which I can take with me in my bag. So the pair of hand creams by MayBody (the own brand of the line of the shops EVA) has been a really chic surprise. There is a big cream Argania (very big!) for everyday using and a small one Lemon + shea for taking it with me if I need. Both are the main characters of my today review!

Review: The sun protection series MaySun by EVA. For tan in summer and… in winter!

Summer finished. I have to believe to this fact even though in October. But we can feel warmness and even see the sea and the sun during cold season. Good tan (and good mood!) is available even in winter so sun protection cosmetics is important even then. Want to go to holiday on Egypt? Plan to sunbathe under the winter sun on the mountains? Let’s choose the sun protection products together! I highly recommend the series MaySun by EVA! And I’ll tell you about it in my today review!

Sunscreen MaySun by EVA. My sun is tender

Earlier I never bought facial sunscreens. I thought they weren't neccessary in big city where you can't find the real hot sun. It is always not so bright and not so dangerous in cities, I supposed. And I was always so surprised when my face became red after a usual walk or trip to the office. I tried to solve this problem using a body sun protection creams on the face but it wasn't a good decision. So this summer I decided to buy a special cream for the face and there was a big surprise when the Ukrainian line of the shops EVA sent me all its sun protection series. There have been a sunscreen MaySun in this collection which I want to tell you about in my today review!

Review: Shampoo and hair mask Level by EVA. Like it or no?

I love using very, VERY big cosmetical products. If a shampoo or a hair mask have got a big volume it is a chic gift for me because I know - I will use this product long, long time. And when I got a pair of haircare products from the series Level by the Ukrainian line of the shops EVA I was pleasantly surprised. Both products have been really big! But do I like them now? I can't understand and want you to help me with this question in my today review!

Review: The twin perfumes The City Spirit (Beach) for him and for her by EVA. Let's go to the resort!

I wrote about a pair of the twin perfumes by the line of the shops EVA earlier and now I want to tell you about the second one. Last time it was the pair Sport from the series The City Spirit. I thought that I like this one more than the next - a pair Beach which seemed to be too sweet. I smelled it and... decided to set aside a review about it. I could understood this "beach" aroma only recently. So may be this is time for beach. Or may be this is time for these perfumes... I can't keep silence any more. Everything about the pair Beach from the series The City Spirit by EVA - in my today review.

Review: The twin perfumes The City Spirit (Sport) for him and for her by EVA. 5 sighs

We with my husband have never tried a twin perfumes and when the line of the shops EVA offered us to try its new series of products - a collection of the perfumery for him and for her which is called The City Spirit - we didn't think long time. Of course we ordered these perfumes with a pleasure and we got two pair at once (despite the fact that we wait for only one of them). I'll tell you about one of these pair - the perfumes Sport for him and for her - in my today review. 

Forgot to buy a gift for the Valentine's Day? Do it now in EVA!

Sometimes you can't notice that the holiday is here and it is so easy - to forget buying a gift. What can you do in the last moment when the holiday is almost comes? Of course buy a perfume! It's so versatile present and if you don't know what can you choose just buy something new! For instance new perfumes by the line of the shops EVA which has launched its own perfumed series!