Review: Eye cream-gel with red caviar by Yaka. Will it help you?

Just imagine: you take a new eye cream, you understand, it won’t make a miracle, but… The first day of using - and you see a very good result! Of course, this is not a super-lifting, but the skin under your eyes becomes fresher and you see it well. Very unusual, isn’t it? I think, yes, so I’m writing this review with a pleasure. Let’s talk about an eye cream-gel with red caviar by Yaka.

Review: Eyeshadows and eyeliner by Dini. Perfect eye makeup looks like this!

The best cosmetics can be not expensive. It may be not so famous. It shouldn’t be incredibly popular. It could look just usual but if you find it you won’t use anything more! And I have found this cosmetics! Today I want to tell you about two makeup products which are now my usual choice for every day. What is it? This is no secret – it’s products by Ukrainian brand Dini! Let’s speak about eye makeup. So let show you three products which have exceeded all my expectations! These are two eyeshadows and a felt-pen eyeliner by Dini.

Review: Creamy eyeshadows sticks from BornPrettyStore. Are they worthy of purchase?

I buy Chinese make up products quite often. Some of them are very well but I’m always out of  luck with the creamy eye shadows! Usually they are not long lasting and sometimes I even can’t understand how to wear them. But today I want to tell you about two items which I was able to “tame”. These are eye shadows in sticks but I don’t wear them as eye shadows. What do I do with them? Let’s look together! 

Review: Eye fluid Power over time by NATURE med. Don't worry, be young!

I started to use this product and didn't believe that the skin under my eyes would change for the better. But it changed! Only two week of using and... now I have got may be not ideal but very good skin under eyes without blue circles or edemas. What have helped to achieve this goal? Well, you have understood it yet - the eye fluid Power over time by Ukrainian brand NATURE med. My today review is about this product!

Review: 14 Colors Eyeshadow Palette Enchanting Shimmer by BornPrettyStore. Shine bright!

Yes, I love shimmery eyeshadows! I always buy them despite that I can't wear so shining hues every day. I just like seeing at this brilliance and my new palette Enchanting Shimmer by BornPrettyStore is one of the most shining item in my shimmery collection! Today I'll show you this perfect product and of course tell you about its quality!

Review: Eye cream Rose by FLORI. What is the most effective treatment for the skin?

All my life I try to find really effective eye cream. I have tested a lot - sometimes it was lux cosmetics, sometimes I chose a natural one... And despite that I haven't found the best product for every day yet I can say that now I have got one which is really good for special occasions. This is small and beautiful eye cream Rose by Ukrainian brand FLORI. I'm going to introduce you this interesting product in my today review.

Review: Small, convenient, cool. My new brush by BornPrettyStore

Recently I decided to update my make up brushes collection. I have been using the brushes set by Mare Kay so far but they became quite old and I need to find new ones.

And one of the most irreplaceable brushes for me is the smallest and the thinest brush for eye liners and working with the smalest details. And I want to order my new one in BornPrettyStore. So in my today review I'm going to tell you about my new Fine Eye Liner Brush Professional Makeup Brush by BornPrettyStore.