Review: The facial mask Effect by FLORI. Effective. Really!

Earlier I didn't belive in good effect of facial masks. I had god a few not so good products and they provoced lots of skin problems. That's why I stoped to put them for long time and started to use masks again only recently - when I have been 30+. Now I choose them very carefully and one the most effective and preferable for me now is a facial mask Effect by Ukrainian brand FLORI. This product gives to me all that my skin needs and I'll tell you about it in my today review.

Review: Hand cream Vetiver by FLORI. Unusual, original, effective... favorite

When I saw it first time I couldn't understood how to use it. Very small, very thick and very unusual cream seemed to be a product not for every day. But when I used it... I decided: it would be my pefect gift. It is really not for every day because I don't want to spend it light-mindedly. I want to pamper my hands so this cream only for special days! How do I use it? The hand cream Vetiver by Ukrainian brand FLORI is the main character of my today review!

Review: Eye cream Rose by FLORI. What is the most effective treatment for the skin?

All my life I try to find really effective eye cream. I have tested a lot - sometimes it was lux cosmetics, sometimes I chose a natural one... And despite that I haven't found the best product for every day yet I can say that now I have got one which is really good for special occasions. This is small and beautiful eye cream Rose by Ukrainian brand FLORI. I'm going to introduce you this interesting product in my today review.

Review: The facial cream Sunny by FLORI. One mohito for the skin!

At night the skin needs the deeper moistening than during the day, I think. So I try to use more thick skincare products before go to bed. One of them is an organic facial cream Sunny by Ukrainian brand FLORI. This is a very dense product and it can solve all skin problems when it suffer from a dryness or irritation. How does it work? I'll tell you about it in my today review.

Review: The hydrophilic oil Lavender by FLORI. Love my evenings!

I have never tried this kind of the cleansing products. All hydrophilic oils always were so strange for me. But suddenly I got this product and want to try its properties. I just want to know what is it, what can it do with the skin, if I need to have got any doubts about using it or not... and... I understood that this is one of the best type of cleansing cosmetics! It's really unusual but it is worthy of attention. Today I'll told you about the most interesting products I have tested recently - the Hydrophilic oil Lavender by Ukrainian brand FLORI.