Review: Poland cosmetics Ziaja (Part 1). Manuka tree purifying gel and Facial toner Acai berries

New country in my cosmetics collection! This is Poland! I had glanced at the Ziaja products time to time but I tried them only recently. I choose a few facial products and today I want to tell you about two cleansing ones – a Manuka tree purifying normalizing gel and a Facial toner Acai berries (for the anti-age prevention). I thought they would be usual but no, they are decent and I’m thinking to use them full time!

Review: Two products for intimate hygiene by Elfa Laboratory: the milk vs the gel. What is the best?

I thought that a product for intimate hygiene wasn’t so necessary. It looks like a glut. You can use a usual soap or even a shower gel, can’t you? But when I started to use intimate products by Elfa laboratory (Ukrainian brand) I understood how important they are. This is not an extra thing! And today I’ll tell you about two items which are my fav products for intimate care. I want to compare them and decide which one is the best. Our topic today – a cleansing milk for intimate hygiene Sensitive Intimo+ MED by Elfa Pharm and a Tender intimate gel “Oat and cotton”. Both are the Elfa laboratory’s products.

Review: The purifying cleansing gel MicroBio Cellulaire by GUAM. New series, new product, new effect!

When I’m writing something about GUAM’s products I always want to make a short post. Why I need to find lots of words if GUAM means everything? GUAM is quality, originality, effectiveness. What can I add? Oh, I always think about it and then… write a lot! Because telling you about GUAM is a pleasure! Today is good day because I want to write a new review of GUAM’s product. I’m testing its new MicroBio Cellulaire series and now is time for a purifying cleansing gel by GUAM. The novelty which have already been a classic.

Perfection. Impeccability. AlpStories. The cleansing gel Sage & Mint

I love AlpStories. Have I told you? May be no more than one hundred times. So I can say it again. Yes, I love AlpStories because each their product has got a perfect quality and I'm always sure: if I take it I won't be dissilusioned and won't be needed to treat my skin later. When I started to use the cleansing gel Sage & Mint by AlpStories I understood: it would be super. I was mistaken. Because it is more than super! Why? I'll tell you in my today review!