Review: Giardini di Bellezza in Watsons. Haircare from Italy: why it is chic?

For me and for my daughter. For all my friends. For you also! I think these haircare products should be in everyone’s cosmetic collections! Giardini di Bellezza is a new brand in the line of the shops Watsons. And it is absolutely gorgeous. I have got two products – a multi-spray 12 in 1 with instant effect and an argan serum Gold from Marocco. Both are amazing. Today I’ll tell you, why!

Review: The spray for hair roots by BILA PAVA. Long-expected softness of the hair!

I absolutely love organic and original hair care products. When I get an opportunity to try something new (especialy if it is Ukrainian!) I do this with a pleasure! And an Ukrainian brand BILA PAVA has been my new finding! I got a hair mask ans a uniquie spray for hair roots "Water of life" for testing and in my today review I want to tell you about the second product. The spray by BILA PAVA is a really cool discorvery! I think everyone should have got it in the own collection! Why? Please read the review!

Review: The shampoo K.Therapy repaire and the conditioner LAK 2 by Lakme. New favorites of my hair!

I heard about this brand earlier and it was always accotiated with luxury for me. Lakme. Something that should be gorgeous. But this brand wasn't available till the last time. When I tried it (due to the shop Agent-Parfumer that gave a few products to me as a gift), I understood why I thought so. The products by Lakme are really chic. The revitalizing shampoo K.Therapy repaire and the be-phase conditioner LAK-2 are the best examples of this rule. And today I'll teel you why.

Review: The hair spray and the hair mousse The liquid silk by Dr.Sante. Everything about silky hair

I'm using these two items during almost 3 months and all this time they are my fave styling products. Both are by dr. Sante - Ukrainian brand which is belonging to laboratory Elfa. Today I'm going to tell you about the mousse and the spray from the series The liquid silk that are so cool and so cheap products for the best and the easiest styling!