Review: 100% Argan oil by AlpStories. Pure organic beauty. How to use this oil and be happy?

This is the rarest organic oil in the Earth. Argan is a scarce plant so its oil is quite expensive and it’s not very easy to find a pure one. But I was lucky! AlpStories sent me its argan oil – 100% pure organic product which is versatile and… just perfect! I keep it like a treasure and today I want to tell you how I use this finding.

Review: Hand creams Argania and Lemon + shea by MayBody. My favs for winter

Winter is a period when I need a lot of hand creams. I keep them everywhere and I especially love very big tubes which are spent slowly and very small ones which I can take with me in my bag. So the pair of hand creams by MayBody (the own brand of the line of the shops EVA) has been a really chic surprise. There is a big cream Argania (very big!) for everyday using and a small one Lemon + shea for taking it with me if I need. Both are the main characters of my today review!

Review: Hand cream by Bila Pava. Changeable and gorgeous!

When I was young I has got a very tender skin on my hands. It was almost transparent and absolutely soft. Now I try to get it back so looking for a perfect hand cream never stop. And I think I have found one! Today I'll tell you about it - a hand cream by Ukrainian brand Bila Pava which is the first number in my collection of hand creams!

Review: Hand cream Vetiver by FLORI. Unusual, original, effective... favorite

When I saw it first time I couldn't understood how to use it. Very small, very thick and very unusual cream seemed to be a product not for every day. But when I used it... I decided: it would be my pefect gift. It is really not for every day because I don't want to spend it light-mindedly. I want to pamper my hands so this cream only for special days! How do I use it? The hand cream Vetiver by Ukrainian brand FLORI is the main character of my today review!

Review: Scrub for hands by Mirelin. Hand care is a pure pleasure!

Do you use a scrub especially for your hands? May be no. I understand. I also never did it earlier, I even didn't think about it! May be sometimes I use a body scrub on the skin of the hand (especially on fingers and the cuticle) but it was all. And I understood that I had been mistaken only when I tried the unique product by a unique Ukrainian brand Mirelin. This is a scrub which was made especially for hands. It is dry. It is very unusual. And it is effective. I'll told you about it in my today review!

Review: The liquid soap Lavender by AlpStories. How to make the hands happy?

When I'm choosing something by AlpStories I always order a soap. The liquid soap by this brand is a magic in its bare skin and my hands love this kind of product so much. This time I chose the liquid soap Lavender and it was really cool idea when I decided to order the soap and a hand cream with the same aroma. It turned out that these products work better in pair because they emphasise each other. Today I'll tell you about the soap Lavender wich is a favorite of all my family!

Review: The hand cream Olive by Зеленая аптека. Your hands need it!

Have you got a hand cream which you buy always - again and again, each time when a previous one is finished? I have. I always try to find in a shop the same item - my perfect hand cream Olive by Ukrainian brand Зеленая аптека. This is also the own brand of Laboratory Elfa. I buy it since I saw it first time in a store. And when Laboratory Elfa sent it to me for testing I was so happy! This new item has been really neccessary because the previous one had finished till the package came to me. And now I use this hand cream a lot. I'll tell you everything about it in my today review.