Review: Lip gloss High shine by Pudra Cosmetics. My own trend!

Matte lipsticks have stopped to be trendy? Seriously? I even don’t want to hear this fact. I have only found one chic product from this series so I’ll wear it despite naughty fashion. My new lip gloss by Pudra Cosmetics is my real favorite and I’m so glad that I have found it because this is Ukrainian brand. We have got not so many Ukrainian makeup products, haven’t we? Let’s read about it in my today review!

Review: Heavy Rotation Sexy Nude Lip Gloss by Isehan. The first step to Japan

Earlier I never used Japanese cosmetics. I didn't know where I can buy it and I wasn't sure that it can be really suitable for me. But before the New year I got a gift from the shop Agent Parfumer and there was very beautiful lip gloss by Japanese brand Isehan. Of course I could not help but try it! And today I'll tell you about this interesting product. Good it or not? Lets think together.