Review: Moisturizing lipstick by dini. The most interesting Ukrainian makeup products (Part 1)

I often hear that Ukrainian producers don’t make makeup products. People say it’s impossible but it’s not true. I know that there are lots of interesting items in different shops and many of them are worthy of attention. Today I want to tell you about some of these products and the first for this week will be a moisturizing lipstick by Ukrainian brand dini.

Review: Matte Velvet Lipstick by BornPrettyStore. Berry lips for every day

I always wanted to try the matte lipsticks and I was always afraid of their effect. I thought that an each matte lipstick dries lips and make them looking badly. But the trends are the trends and overall love for the matte lipstick made me be interested in them. I bought my first matte lipstick – the one by BornPrettyStore and… I haven’t been regretted! This lipstick is a decent finding despite some disadvantages. I’ll tell why I think so in my today review.