Review: Hand creams Argania and Lemon + shea by MayBody. My favs for winter

Winter is a period when I need a lot of hand creams. I keep them everywhere and I especially love very big tubes which are spent slowly and very small ones which I can take with me in my bag. So the pair of hand creams by MayBody (the own brand of the line of the shops EVA) has been a really chic surprise. There is a big cream Argania (very big!) for everyday using and a small one Lemon + shea for taking it with me if I need. Both are the main characters of my today review!

Review: The sun protection series MaySun by EVA. For tan in summer and… in winter!

Summer finished. I have to believe to this fact even though in October. But we can feel warmness and even see the sea and the sun during cold season. Good tan (and good mood!) is available even in winter so sun protection cosmetics is important even then. Want to go to holiday on Egypt? Plan to sunbathe under the winter sun on the mountains? Let’s choose the sun protection products together! I highly recommend the series MaySun by EVA! And I’ll tell you about it in my today review!

Sunscreen MaySun by EVA. My sun is tender

Earlier I never bought facial sunscreens. I thought they weren't neccessary in big city where you can't find the real hot sun. It is always not so bright and not so dangerous in cities, I supposed. And I was always so surprised when my face became red after a usual walk or trip to the office. I tried to solve this problem using a body sun protection creams on the face but it wasn't a good decision. So this summer I decided to buy a special cream for the face and there was a big surprise when the Ukrainian line of the shops EVA sent me all its sun protection series. There have been a sunscreen MaySun in this collection which I want to tell you about in my today review!