Review: Anti-cellulite and aromatherapeutic Algascrub by GUAM. What does my summer look like?

My vacation finished last week but my well-maintained body is with my till now. Who did help me to make it almost ideal? Of course GUAM! This Italian brand makes perfect anti-cellulite and bodycare products which are unraveled. And before I started my summer trip I had used a few of them. Today I want to show you the first product which helps to make the body ready for beach! Let's look at an exfoliating Algascrub by GUAM!

Review: Facial scrub by Mirelin. The most tender care! How to use the scrub rightly?

I like all scrubs the Ukrainian brand Mirelin makes for face and body. I have used different of them – especially a few products for the whole body, the hands or the foot and all of them have been very effective. Today I want to tell you about a new scrub – the facial one. Mirelin offers a very tender product which looks like a trendy ubtan – this is a skincare product which gives a delicate exfoliating effect and renovation of the skin. How does it work? I’ll tell you about it in my today review.

Review: Scrub for hands by Mirelin. Hand care is a pure pleasure!

Do you use a scrub especially for your hands? May be no. I understand. I also never did it earlier, I even didn't think about it! May be sometimes I use a body scrub on the skin of the hand (especially on fingers and the cuticle) but it was all. And I understood that I had been mistaken only when I tried the unique product by a unique Ukrainian brand Mirelin. This is a scrub which was made especially for hands. It is dry. It is very unusual. And it is effective. I'll told you about it in my today review!

Review: The product for a body skin cleansing by Mirelin. Ukrainian beauty!

I have started to be a big fan of Ukrainian cosmetics. When I find a new brand I feel so excited! This is always so interesting achievement for me and today I want to tell you about one of the new brand which can not to know yet. It's Mirelin - a unuque cosmetics for me which is very effective and powerful. I have got some products by Mirelin now, I use all of them and I feel something incredible. These products are really worthy of attention! Why? Let's see in my today review of the product for a body skin cleansing!