Review: Giardini di Bellezza in Watsons. Haircare from Italy: why it is chic?

For me and for my daughter. For all my friends. For you also! I think these haircare products should be in everyone’s cosmetic collections! Giardini di Bellezza is a new brand in the line of the shops Watsons. And it is absolutely gorgeous. I have got two products – a multi-spray 12 in 1 with instant effect and an argan serum Gold from Marocco. Both are amazing. Today I’ll tell you, why!

Review: The serum for instant beauty 35+ Power over time by NATURE med. My best cosmetics ever!

Have you got a product which is not just your fave but is actually the best for all time? The product which will be with you always because you will buy it again and again? I have got one! And it is Ukrainian! I have written about a new series Power over time by Ukrainian brand Nature MED yet and today I want to tell you about the best product from it. My perfect facial serum for instant beauty Power over time!

Review: The oily serum for accelerate growth of the eyebrows and the eyelashes by CreamWell. My big secret!

I didn't want to tell you about this product because it's my secret! I know how to accelerate growth of the eyelashes and the eyebrows (especially the eyebrows!!)! You need just one product and when I ordered it I even didn't wait for a powerful effect on really high level. But I can say that this item is really magic and... well, so be it! I'll tell you what the product became a finding for my and my lashes recently. This is an oily serum for accelerate growth of the eyelashes and eyebrows by the organic Ukrainian brand CreamWell.