Review: Soap for children Baby by Dr. Sante. Hello, my love, hello

I will never understand people who don’t like using soap in pieces. I think there is so much beauty in this product! It can be effective, can be very soft and tender… or can be not… but it is always beautiful. I can prove – I’ve got three perfect pieces by Dr. Sante (the own brand of Ukrainian manufacturer Elfa laboratory) and all of them are chic. This is soap Baby which I use now together with my daughter Tanya. Why we love it? Everything about it – in my today review!

Review: Natural soap Mint by Dobre Mylo. Fall in love with a soap?

It's a soap? Oh, no! Not just! This is a versatile product which is really universal and when I got it by a Ukrainian brand Dobre Mylo I understood that it would be love from the first sight. The natural soap Mint by Dobre Mylo is my best helper now. I use it a lot and I can say that this is not only a usual piece of soap! This is a magic thing and I'll tell you how to use it in my today review.

Review: Black Beldi The traditions of hammam by Chistotel. Ideal cleansing!

Unusual cleansing cosmetics is always a very interesting finding. So I couldn't pass by a beldi - an original soft soap which has got a very long history and is considered the most effective cleansing product ever. I have tried one beldi yet - the beldi Rose The traditions of hammam by Ukrainian brand ChistoTel. And a month ago this brand sent me its novelty - one more beldi (the Black beldi The traditions of hammam). Of course I have tried it with a pleasure. Is it effective? Read please my today review!

Review: The liquid soap Lavender by AlpStories. How to make the hands happy?

When I'm choosing something by AlpStories I always order a soap. The liquid soap by this brand is a magic in its bare skin and my hands love this kind of product so much. This time I chose the liquid soap Lavender and it was really cool idea when I decided to order the soap and a hand cream with the same aroma. It turned out that these products work better in pair because they emphasise each other. Today I'll tell you about the soap Lavender wich is a favorite of all my family!