Review: The hair mask “Ayurveda secrets” by Bila Pava. Yogurt for your hair!

Natural haircare products are always very difficult for me. I know how important they are but my hair have got used to SLES and SLS (and all chemical hair products in general) so they can look very well only with them. I try to use a natural cosmetics also but not every day – just as an effective treatment for hair. Today I want to tell you about one of the best piece in my natural collection. This is a hair mask “Ayurveda secrets” by Ukrainian brand Bila Pava.

Review: Hand cream by Bila Pava. Changeable and gorgeous!

When I was young I has got a very tender skin on my hands. It was almost transparent and absolutely soft. Now I try to get it back so looking for a perfect hand cream never stop. And I think I have found one! Today I'll tell you about it - a hand cream by Ukrainian brand Bila Pava which is the first number in my collection of hand creams!

Review: The spray for hair roots by BILA PAVA. Long-expected softness of the hair!

I absolutely love organic and original hair care products. When I get an opportunity to try something new (especialy if it is Ukrainian!) I do this with a pleasure! And an Ukrainian brand BILA PAVA has been my new finding! I got a hair mask ans a uniquie spray for hair roots "Water of life" for testing and in my today review I want to tell you about the second product. The spray by BILA PAVA is a really cool discorvery! I think everyone should have got it in the own collection! Why? Please read the review!