Anti-hairloss concentrate PLANCTIDIL by GUAM: review and photos. Why my hair are with me?


My hair now should be... Mmmm, I should have got NO hair!! Why? After delivering a baby the most part of hair usually leave a woman and I am not an exception. It was my experience after the first daughter, and I waited for the same result after my son's birth. But! I have got my best friend - GUAM. This Italian brand didn't allow my hair be lost. How? I'm going to tell you this secret!


This is a secret - Anti-hairloss concentrate PLANCTIDIL by GUAM.

A unique products, which strengths and reactivates capillaries, nourishing hair roots. There are 12 ampules in a box with a chic composition inside:


The concentrate contains of a amous GUAM seaweeds, which help to strength hair and renovate them on the level of the skin. The product prevents of process of hairloss, because it makes god conditions to keep them bright and strong. This is especially important in spring or after delivering a baby (my case).

Which problems with hair had I got after pregnancies and why? 

After the first pregnancy I started to lose my hair on the fourth month. It was a horrible process. A half of hair had left me every day. Next day a half of remains left me again... And till 5-6 month I started to had got a very poor hairstyle. All hair were damaged, not shiny, grey… They look dirty always – even right after thier washing off. I saved them only when I decided to cut a half of length, dyed them by professional dye and used a powerful renovate program.

Why we lose hair after delivering a baby?

Two reasons:

  1. Hormonal changes after pregnancy - hormones make the process of losing hair slower during pregnancy and after it the process starts to be more intensive, we lose all “extra” hair, which didn’t leave us during a period of waiting a baby. 

  2. If we breastfeed a baby, our body can start to suffer from lack of vitamins and minerals, and problems with skin and hair can appear quickly as a result. 

Of course, all lost hair should come back some time later. But why we should wait for it, if there is a product, which can help… And even prevent the problem? 

So, let's discuss the Anti-hairloss concentrate PLANCTIDIL by GUAM!


How to use the concentrate? 

Everything is easy. Just put it on the skin of the head and do massage during a few minutes. You can do it by fingers, but (my lifehack!) it will be more convenient, if you use a Tangle Teaser or another similar massage brush. 

Some important information about periods of using. During the first month the concentrate should be used three times per a week (every other day). Then just one time per a week till finishing the product. 


Extremely important!!! Don’t try to use one capsule for two times. You can think that this is more economical, but you don't give your hair enough of important ingredients in this way. The concentrate works worse and slower. So if you start, just do everything according the instruction. 


What should you know about this GUAM product? 

1. The concentrate has got warm effect - because it activates capillaries., you will feel, how does it work. You won't feel it so much on the skin of the head, but if the product is put on your face or tender skin on hands or legs… you will get big and bright red spots. The skin won't be irritated, it is just a temporary effect, there will no unpleasant feelings, but be ready for this, if you are in a hurry and don’t plan to wait for normalizing the skin color.


I'm not accurate, this is my hand and a rd spot on it. The spot disappears in 10 minutes.

2. The concentrate is very liquid. So be careful. Don't take all product at once, put it on the skin portion by portion. 

3. The product is feeling like a sea water. So if you put it on hair and leave them for natural drying, be ready for an effect of sea water. The hair will look and felt like after swimming. Sometimes this is not the best hairstyle effect so I tried to use a hairdryer after the concentrate. 


What is the result?

My hair are with me. ALL my hair. They don't leave me even in hardest periods of their lives. Of course, some of them will be lost, but no more (and even less) than in usual cases. 

All period of renovation my body after pregnancy (and it was spring!), my hair were staying in very good condition. They have been:

  • shiny, 
  • strong enough, 
  • thick enough, 
  • well combed out,
  • without dry ends, 
  • strong enough to grow up in their usual temp. 


I finished the concentrate and my hair have stayed well-maintained. Now I like them so much and I have started to come back to my previous hairstyle. There are no problems, hair are growing up perfectly and even my hairstyle master is satisfied with their condition. 

My hair when I started to use the GUAM concentrate:


My hair now:


Will I buy this concentrate again? YES!!! Next spring, when I will need to renovate my hair after long winter. And if you ask me, should you buy this product, I'll tell you YES, because it is really perfect... because this is GUAM.


*Anti-hairloss concentrate was given by GUAM for independent testing. You can find this product on the brand's website and buy it on the online-shop or in shops GUAM in Kiev.

Price: 881 UAH ($33)

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