Be Colibri! New spring look with the hair dyes Colibri by EVA


This sprind is really reach for the hair dyes. Lots of brands make each own products for dyeing hair and the line of the shops EVA is not an exception. We can buy a cute novelty this March - the hair dyes Colibri for all types of hair!

This product has to be really helpful for hair because it contains 4 different oils:

  • of agrimony,
  • of sea buckthorn,
  • of rowan,
  • of olive. 

All of them nourish the hair and moisturize them. So when you are dyeing hair you can be calm - this procedure won't make a damage! And you will get really chic shine after dyeing: the hair will be healthy, the producer said. All Colibri's products contain vitamine C which strengthens the hair and prevents their loss. EVA also promises that the color of the hair will be really strong and long lasting. If you have got a grey hair you will be able to hide them with this dyes.

dye eva-1.jpg

There are 24 different hues for different types of the hair in a Colibri's collection. It can be a classic shadow like a blond for example or something unusual - like a cherry hue! You will also get a shampoo-conditioner 2 in 1 GreenWay which is sold with an each dye. The shampoo contains a linden and a honey and can wash the hair carefully, make them stronger and moisturise even very dry hair. 

The dyes Colibri have got a creamy textures. This is very soft products which can make the hair silky, the producer said. Unfortunately I won't be able to test these products on my hair because I don't dye them now. But if you do please try this dyes and tell me about the result! I'm so interested in your reviews! 

The dyes have been made especially for the line of the shops EVA. You can buy your hue in your EVA!