The best and… not the best. Intense eye liner pen and Illuminating highlighter Lumi Drops by Gosh: review, photos, infographic


This brand has got its own character. You can like it or not, but you never can predict, will a new product by Gosh perfect or not. You can think, it is just usual, but it will be perfect. And vice a versa you can wait for the best quality, but it will be below the average... Gosh is so capricious. Today I’ll tell you about two Gosh products, which prove this rule.

I got new for me Gosh cosmetics last month with a Watsons box. There were:

  1. Intense eye liner pen 
  2. Illuminating highlighter Lumi Drops.

The last one was my special joy at first. I absolutely love highlighters and I think, there are never too much of them in your collection (especially if you are a beauty-blogger). So I started to use Lumi Drops immediately, but...


Illuminating highlighter Lumi Drops by Gosh

This is the softest highlighter I’ve ever had. Lumi Drops are liquid (they are drops, really!). Their creamy texture is pleasant, it looks pearly, but…

...unfortunately this highlighter by Gosh isn’t my best choice. Why?

  1. Because it isn’t economical – the small portioner gives TOO MUCH product. Even one drop of it is enough for almost ALL my face, but I get a few drops each time and I don’t know, what should I do with rest of them. Put the product back into the bottle? Hmm. The producer says, we can also use Lumi Drops for highlighting not only face, but also other parts of a body - shoulders for instance. This will be interesting in summer, but it isn't convenient in your usual day. 
  2. Because it has got an evident beige shadow. Try to blend it? Haha, you need a half of an hour for this! If you aren’t diligent, the Gosh highlighter will make spots on the skin and this won’t be a shiny spots of real highlighter! It will looks like your skin is dirty. So work, work, maybe you'll have got a good result. But likely you just make the highlighter invisible.
  3. Because this is the highlighter, which doesn’t highlight something. Is it on the skin? Yes. Is it noticeable? No. Maybe somebody will see it. But not you!! And even if you can notice the product, you aren’t sure, is it a shining of Lumi Drops or this is just a healthy look of your own skin.


Lumi Drops without blending


Blended Lumi Drops


Lumi Drops on th skin. Probably they are here.

Gosh Intense eye liner pen


If the highlighter Lumi Drops isn’t the best choice, the Gosh Intense eye liner is. I have never used the most chic liner and I’m serious! This is a real surprise from Watsons, I absolutely love this product and if the box contains of only this Gosh eye liner, it will be the most perfect box ever!



The best kind of an eye liner end - very thin, soft, elastic enough... just perfect!

The liner:

  1. Has got a chic color – not black, but dark grey, this is the best idea for everyday make-up.
  2. Is VERY long-lasting even without base (and with base it’s just eternal). Of course, if you want to have a nap in a middle of a day, you lines can become not so bright, but they will stay on their places.
  3. Is ABSOLUTELY convenient. Usually you can’t make good lines? Neither can I. But this liner CAN. Take it and let’s go, it’ll make everything by itself.
  4. Is just an ideal.


Will I buy other eyeliners? Oh, only if it will be the same liner by Gosh, but in the other color. If no, I even don’t want to imagine something, which is not like this!



All kinds of lines

Will I buy this highlighter again? No! And I even think, will it be a good idea, if I give it to my friend. But before this I’m going to give it the second chance – I’ll try Lumi Drops on my body skin and if it doesn’t work in this case also, it won’t be in my collection any more.

What do you think about these products? What do you think about Gosh? I had not very optimistic experience with it earlier, but this eye liner has changed everything. Now I can forgive Gosh any fail products! 

*Gosh products were given for independent testing in Watsons spring beauty-box. You can find them in your Watsons!


Highlighter - $14 (372 UAH)

Eyeliner - $15 (398 UAH)