Corean cosmetics: pro and contra. My experience of using the Benton's products


I have written about a Corean cosmetics yes - in the beginning of using it because it has been a gorgeous finding for me. My previous post was so enthusiastic and this was justified - a few products by the brand Benton have been really chic and have given me very good result after the first using. Now I can say more about this cosmetics because I used it more than one month. I'll tell you about advantages and disadvantages of all products Benton I have tested.


I had got a five-speed system by Corean brand Bentone. Some products are interchangeable, some of them are unique. And I want to tell you about all steps of making the skin perfect.


The first step is of course cleansing the skin. For this procedure I used a cool Honest Cleansing foam Benton! This is my fave product from all system. I used it with a pleasure and the foam worked perfectly. It could not to wash off a daily make up after the first using but after the second one it always gave a chic result. The foam worked not wel with a waterproof cosmetics, oily products, a bright mascara... But for the eyes I need to use other cleansing cosmetics, this foam by Bentone is not for "dirty job", this is for making the skin really gorgeous! So I never was dissapointed. 


I had got a mini-tube with this Honest Cleansing foam but it was enough to understand - it is really chic product. The foam has got a white color and very (VERY!!) tender consistency. It is so gentle and so soft! I absolutely loved using it and felt that this is a gift for my face. But if the product touchs the eyes it will be not so pleasant, so be careful with it! 


The Honest Cleansing Foam Benton not only cleans the skin, it also protects it from the dryness and tightness. The face gets an ideal complexion and it is especially important if the skin was tired and dim. The foam doesn't contain the Polyethylene glycol, the Sulfate, the dyes and perfumes. It has got no aroma and no color. And this is perfect!


The second step is the toner. I have got two - from the two different series. They both are similar for me, I haven't seen any difference between them and I can't say that they gave my skin a noticeable effect. The first is Snail Bee High content skin toner Bentone. This is liquid transparent substance which I put on the skin with the fingers.

The second one - Aloe BHA skin toner. It has got the same texture and... the same effect. May be they shouldn't give really bright result - they are just a part of the whole system and it can't work perfectly without all elements. But for me they stay faceless. I just used them and... I even don't know should I buy the new ones.


The third step is Essence. Yes, Essence. This is a real pearl of all system by Benton! It's a Snail Bee High content essence Bentone. Thois is also transparent but not liquid product. It's very thick - so thick and that's why using it with this kind of bottle is unconvenient. A tube would be more useful here. But the quality of this essence is perfect. I put it on the skin after the 10-15 minutes of using one of the toners and my face became perfect instantly. I loved this tender effect and the condition of my skin. 


The essence contains a high concentration of lots of active substances and the skin absorbs it easily and quickly. This product is very important because it improoves the result of all system on 30-40% and makes its other elements more effective. The essence is suitable even for sensitive or problem skin and this product moisturizes it well and carefully - the best result for me! Also the Snail Bee high content essence can clarify the skin and this is very important for me - I have got the freckles and after a few procedures of using this product they became more light and almost invisible. 


The forth step is daily moisturising and daily skincare. I have got two different products for this - Aloe propolis soothing gel Bentone and Snail Bee High content lotion. Both are for daily using - I put them after the essence.

The second product - a lotion - I used in the beginning. It gives to my skin very good moistening but it never makes it oily. This lotion is for making the skin velvet. It also works with the freckles and makes them lighter, the complexion is very good with it. The producer says that the Snail Bee High content lotion also can minimize the wrinkles but I had got so small volume so my wrinkles are with me till now! 


The other product - the Aloe Propolis Soothing gel is my perfect finding!  I still use it now and this poduct isn't just a thing for every day. Of course it can be used every morning as the producer says but I don't do so. The gel is the best cosmetics if you want to decrease all your acne or other irritation when you need it. I use this product when I have got some problems and put only on the problem place not on all face. All inflammations just dissapeare. Instantly. The skin under the lotion becomes velvet, tender, moisturized very well... This is just a magic. I love the Aloe Propolis Soothing gel Benton so much and of course I'll buy a full size tube when this one would have been finished.


And the fifth step. The evening skincare. I used for this procedure the Snail Bee high content steam cream. It also should protect the skin, minimize the wrinkles, fight the acne but... I didn't feel these effects. The cream just provoced the new acne. I understand that it just tried to clean the skin and pull all dirtyness from it. But my face became really bad so I stopped to use this product. May be it is too powerful for me, I don't know. And I also read about the same effect in some other blogs. So be careful with this cosmetics, it can be effective but not for everyone!


Generally I think that the Corean cosmetics is very interesting discovery. Some products could be not so good but the most part of them is really cool. I use them carefully and try to find really effective care for me personally. And I think I'll buy some other products by Bentone. This brand is very powerful, I need only choose the best from the best!


What do you think about the Corean cosmetics? Do you like it? Have you tried this brand and have you got a bad effect from some products? Tell me about this cosmetics as more as possible, I want to know everything because the Corean brands make a magic, I think. You shoud only find your personal miracle.

*The system by Benton was given by brand for independent testing. You can buy these products on the Benton's web-site.