Forgot to buy a gift for the Valentine's Day? Do it now in EVA!


Sometimes you can't notice that the holiday is here and it is so easy - to forget buying a gift. What can you do in the last moment when the holiday is almost comes? Of course buy a perfume! It's so versatile present and if you don't know what can you choose just buy something new! For instance new perfumes by the line of the shops EVA which has launched its own perfumed series!

The collection of the perfumes The City Spirit includes 7 different aromas. The producer says that each of them will be really lasting and all of the perfumes are the best choice for every day in big city.

And the most interesting surprise - each perfume is made in two variants - for her nad for he! The pair has got the same hues of aromas and the perfumes are felt so harmonically together!

The City Spirit includes:

  • Business - bright fragrances for the businessmen and businesswoman, these aromas can emphasise the sense of purpose which the owners of them have got;
  • Club - dinamic and juicy aromas for people who like living the night life, dancing and feeling the best emotions every minute;
  • Travel - best choice for travellers. You miss the most picturesque lanscapes and unprecedented countries? This perfumes are for you! 
  • Weekend - how sweet can be your life? Try it with these aromas!
  • Sport - freshness, brightness and sweetness. These aromas will be suitable even in a jym!
  • Beach - good idea for the hottest day and for the hottest people;
  • Voyage Albion - sophisticated fragrances. they are not for every day using. Wear them when you come to the rout in a Buckingham Palace!

Do you want to try all of them? I think it is a temptation! I'll choose the Sport of the Beach. And what about you?


All the perfumes are available in the line of the shop EVA in your city!

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