It's me? Really?


I wore a leather skirt only when I was 14. After this age I decided to be serious but I didn't notice when the seriousness became boredom. Before the my thirtieth anniversary I wanted to come back everithyng that I forget earlier so now I experiment with different kinds of clothes. Just to have an interesting experience. And I'm wearing the leather skirt again!


The skirt is so unusual for me, because it's short. I wear this length hardly ever... but now I see that it's not so bad. Sometimes it can be suitable even though my outfit seems to be quite quirky.



I think this look can be more lovely when it will be warmer. Now I wear also the faux fur coat and it seems that it overloads the outfit. The shoes and the hat are also quite heavy details here. But I have got no chance. It's cold here so far. +7 C is good level of temperature but not the best, do you agree?



But this knitted vest is so adorable! It's handmade and it looks a little bit countrylike. I think it makes a good contrast with the skirt. 


And the main detail of this look is the necklace. This is also handmade and I got it from a Ukrainian girl who makes really chic things. Her name is Anna and she can do everything! When I saw this necklace first time I decided that it should be mine and only mine! And now I look throw the Anna's profile in Instagram and I think I'll choose some other pieces of her art. Do you want to have got something like that? Let's go here



  • Leather skirt - House
  • Turtle neck top - Calliope
  • Vest - handmade
  • Faux fur coat - handmade
  • Necklace - Annushka Jewelry