La Garconne


Since one stylist has told me that a garcon style should be good on me I wear only the clothes which are correlated with it. I never use all "garcon's" details in one look but my whole getup is usually within the frameworks of this style. And today I want to show you one example of these kind of outfits. I love being la garconne - a woman who like wearing men's clothes. But still a woman with all her femininity.


What is a garcon style? It's just an imitation of men's style but you can wear not only clothes for men. Your getup can be woman's but just special. Some kinds of pants - a little bit strict and oversize, suspenders, shirts (they can be men's and I like choose men's ones!), glasses, ties and bowties, men's footwear... These details make the garcon style. There isn't an accentuated waist or short skirts. This is men's elegance. And men's solidity. 

Today the garcon style is just an unisex. But there is a place for small original details.


The main garcon's detail for me are suspenders. I love wearing trousers with them - this is even more interesting than the most beautiful belt. And I bought men's suspenders (even the teenagers's ones - only they have got an appropriate size for me). Also I wear my husband's shirts and sweaters. I like wearing oversize and I think quite big clothes emphasize the style of woman-boy better than others. And big clothes the symbols of this style also. 


My trousers are oversize. This is just my mistake - when I buy them I thought that they look better when they are a little bit bigger than I need. But... Well, in the frameworks of the garcon style it is possible but in ither situation the big pants just bother me.


Of course I mix the men's clothes which the woman's ones. I'm a woman and don't want to be a man) For this look I chose the lace socks, the woman's shirt, the clutch and the woman's jacket. But they all look harmonically together with the men's details. 


The sneakers are also for woman - I can't find the small footwear in men's parts of stores. But I buy there a small sizes of clothes, it's not a problem for me) Of course men in shops are quite surprised when I choose their things) 


The garcon style is the best choice when you want to make good look with the glasses. I wear them because I have got problems with the eyesight and I usually buy glasses also in men's part of stores. I think these models are better than woman's ones which can be decorated with the rhinestones or something like that!



Have you ever seen me in glasses? I think I'm quite funny in them. But I need to wear this accessory, it's not just for fashion)

I know that the garcon style requires a very expressive make up - big black eyelines, a bright lipstick... Also the cigarette can look suitable here. But I don't like all these thing. I don't like smoking and I never do a really bright make up. So I'm not into the rules of the style in these details. 


I think I'll have got a "garcon's" summer. I have bought yet a men's hat, a pair of men's shorts, a few vests which are also a good detail for this style. Of course I won't less my femininity but I think this style is especially good idea if you want to emphasize how fragile and tender you are.


Do you like this idea? Do you buy the men's clothes? Have you tried to wear a unisex?


  • Jacket - Reserved
  • Pants - Calliope
  • Shirt - Promod
  • Clutch - Reserved
  • Scarf - Terranova