Marsala summer with marsala cap by Anna Sun!


A hat for summer? Oh, no! The hats are for everyone, you can see them everywhere. So they are not for me. 

But this accessory will be almost unique! What is it? Of course a cap! Especially if this cap is made by Ukrainian brand from the absolutely natural fabrics! I have got one! This is my perfect marsala cap by Anna Sun Shop!


If you are my follower in Instagram you have seen this cap a few times yet. I like it so much and I wear it everywhere - when I go to the sea or just walk in the centre of the city. Why not? This accessory is versatile!

How do I wear it? With different clothes! For instance with my midi-skirt (it's also trendy in this season but I started to like it before it had become a mainstream).

My look for one hot day in Kiev:


The gumshoes are so convenient! It's also a trend - casual clothes + sportive shoes. And I have chosen the gumshoes. I like them more that the sneakers which seem to be a little bit bulky. And now when it is too hot I want to change them with some sportive sandals. 




Of course the cap is the best accessory if you want to keep a garcon style which I like so much now! I even tried other cap - a male one. But I didn't make up my mind to buy it. This one is unisex - good idea for everyone) And this outfit isn't a garcon style in the raw. I used just a few details - the cap, the suspenders, the gumshoes...

And gils asked me was this cap warm? I told them no! Because all headdress by Anna Sun are made from natural fabrics. This one isn't an exception. It is so light and I feel comfortable in it even in an incredibly hot day! 




  • Skirt - Reserved
  • Shirt - Terranova
  • Cap - Anna Sun.

Anna Sun Shop has got also a series of hats and other headresses so may be I'll buy something else there. And this Ukrainian brand sales so chic backpacks and trendy bags. Let's go to buy them together! 

*All headdresses by Anna Sun you can buy on the web-site of the brand.




And a small bonus. Let's see how beautiful my Kiev is!