Mood for glasses! My new pair by why the world is so bright?


I'm having got a bad eyesight all my life. I'm wearing glasses during last 10 years but I used only one pair of them till now. It was just no name pair for all cases and I don't like it so much. That's why I wore the glasses hardly ever - only if I could do nothing without them. But now I wear the glasses almost always and I have started to love this process. Why? Because I have got a new pair from the Global online optical store This post is my declaration of love for this shop... and for its perfect glasses!


I absolutely love my look with these glasses so there will be lots of photos in this post!

Firstly I want to tell you how convenient is the web-site Choosing your future pair of glasses is a pure pleasure! You can "inspect" all details of all pairs - there are convenient and big pics of all of them on the site. Also there is a function Try-on on Firmoo - you can see how the glasses are looked on your type of face. Also you can download your own photo and try each pair on yourself. You can do this easily, the web-site will give you all instructions and help to understand all rules. Also there are all measurements for an each pair of glasses - lengh, width of the lenses, weight etc. So you will find your ideal, be sure! And of course you can choose your lenses here - the shop will make them for you, just give to it your instructions.

Of course you need to know the usual terms which are used for glasses, lenses and so on. But if you choose the optical glasses with the prescription from a doctor you know everything very well!

I chose this perfect pair:


The glasses came to me very, very quickly. I even didn't start to wait them and they got there! It was a big surprise to get them almost instantly after an order! Of course Firmoo gives you a track number so you can see where is your package now. Sometimes an order goes long time but Firmoo sent it to me with the EMS service and it was so convenient and quickly! 

Also I liked a complectation of the order. There was a very beautiful box for the glasses with a map print and a usual cover in the package. Also I found there a wipe for glasses and a screwdriver for repairing them. So useful things and so big care for a customer!


A few words about the lenses. If you wear the glasses you know how important is using good lenses. They should have got very good quality and a protective coating which is important for your eyes. You can choose everything on Firmoo! There are lenses for reading, computer blue-light blocking, distance (this is my variant)... Also you can order bifocal and progressive lenses and of course non-RX. You just need to send to the shop your prescription from the doctor (if you go to the doctor you know what do all these signs mean and there is  avery convenient form on the web-site so you won't be mistaken!).


I wanted big glasses and I have got them! I like this shape so much! And I have got stronger lenses in these pair - it is full correction of my eyesight so I see all (ALL) colors of life now. I even didn't know how bright the world is but I have understood it with!


I think this pair is the chicest thing to continue experiments with my fave garcon style. I just have tried another look.

My photos with the glasses by Firmoo. And this is only one look, I invent more and more, you'll see everything!




I don't need to wear the glasses all time. But I do this. Because this is Firmoo. They are really high-quality and I love how perfect an each detail works and how chic an each element looks!


Are not they a perfection?


Are you wearing glasses? Where do you buy them? Do you like my pair? Do you want to make an order on There will be a give away by Firmoo on AnnyDay soon!


  • Pants - Calliope,
  • Jacket - Oggi,
  • T-shirt - noname
  • Glasses - Firmoo.

*This model was given by Firmoo for independent testing. You can buy it on the web-site of the shop. There are also sunglasses in this online store.

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