Mum-jeans: pro and against. How to wear this piece?


Mum-jeans are a very special thing. They are quite usual but also they can be stylish. They haven’t got any decoration but they can be expressive even without it. They are difficult at combining a look with them but also they can be the main detail of your outfit. How to wear them? Let look together!


I need to say that this type of jeans is my fav. I haven’t got so perfect legs so my trousers should hide some not beautiful parts and make the legs visually better. And this style is the best of the best. The jeans are quite loose to hide some flaws but they have a shape and never look baggy. 

The main advantage and also the main disadvantage of mum-jeans is their high-waist style. This feature can emphasize a waist but also it can make a low part of the body “heavier”. Kegs and hips in these jeanse look thicker than in real life. You can see an ideal look in a mirror but when you take photos in mum-jeans you will see this problem/ But in the same time “big” legs seem to be longer. This is paradox so I try to find a right way of wearing this jeans. 


You can see the problem, can't you - quite a long legs but... there is something... debatable. 

So how to be friends with mum-jeans? 

Despite the fact that they emphasize a waist I wear this kind of jeans with tight clothes hardly ever. I like tuck a shirt up in the trousers but not in this case. I don’t like the effect. And I see it’s better to wear these jeans with something that makes an extra layer. A long sweater for instance. 


Also I like tuck a top up in mum-jeans but wear a cardigan over them. It helps to hide “heavy” hips. And this kind of look makes the body slimmer.  



I think mum-jeans are very good idea if you want to hide legs which are not ideal and make them longer. But this piece needs “right” details because it can spoil the body easily. What to choose? We, only we can answer this question. I realize that I’ll wear this kind of jeans long time. But only with appropriate things. And what about you? Do you like mum-jeans? Which jeans style is your favorite?