My outfits: Red, black, winter and me


Winter is the best time to wear the brightest colors. The red one is my fave now and I don't know what can be more classical and chic in the same time than the pair red+black. Of course I wear it a lot (when it's not too cold) and today I'll show you my usual outfit for going shopping. It's comfy, easy and very convenient in all cases!

It's not noticeable but I have got two tops - the black and the red ones. It's cold to wear just one of them) But I love this idea - with some red details black color doesn't look gloomy. 




This outfit is one of the best possibility to wear my favorite skirt of this season. The red midi one is so chic and I always try to find a new idea to present it in the best light. This skirt is by Reserved and it's warm and cute. I love how simple it looks and how interesting it could be in different situations. 



If I need to choose suitable outerwear and if there is not very cold on the street I prefer wearing my fave faux fur jacket with this combo. It's also black and looks elegant but also very light. Good idea if I want to go on the mall where I don't need to have got very warm and heavy clothes. 





And a few small accessories. The necklace I bought together with this black top - just to wear them in a pair. And I chose my favorite rings for this outfit. The red one is from real gold - it was a gift from my husband when my daughter was born.  I love it so much because it's not just an accessory, it's a memory. 


Which clothes and which colors do you wear in this incredibly cold winter? Do you like a classical pair black + red?


  • Black top - Sinsay
  • Red top - New Yorker
  • Skirt - Reserved
  • Necklace - Sinsay
  • Backpack - House