No spring, no lightness. My new plait for the 47 of February


Is it a spring? No! It's a winter again and I'm so angry with this fact. I cleaned all wintery shoes and outerwears when the weather became normal but now, when it's really cold and nasty again I have to back them in my life. And if so I'll show you one more handmade thing which I made for myself. This is again the scarf and again a plait



I don't know why but I like overexposed photos :)

I like a shape of a plait. I think it looks so showily and interesting. But this scarf is also quite warm and heavy so I wear it not every day. Sometimes I need a "vacancy" from it and I choose something that is lighter :)


Of course I see the spirit of boho in this accessory so I wear the scarf with my flared jeans and a poncho (if there is enough warm for the poncho!). That day I wore just my fave violet jacket. It is very warm and looks decent in this cold spring.


I made the scarf quite long time ago - when I broke a leg and was at home long-long days. I need to do something except my job (I can work at home) and I started knitting. It was not hard but long job and I like the result. But the scarf has got very big volume and need lots of place in my closet so I gave it its own shelf) 


And when it is incredibly cold I wear this scarf as a headdress. Not really convenient but appropriate for a windy weather. 


I don't know which handmade clothes I'll wear when the spring will be the spring finnaly (I haven't got a knitting for a warm season) but may be I'll make something new. I want to learn how to work with a crochet (now I can knit only with the needles). I think the crochet can make so light and interesting knitting so may be I'll have got some delicate openwork clothes.

Which accessories will you wear in spring? How do you think the knitting is appropriate for the warm season?


  • Scarf - my handmade
  • Jacket - Terranova
  • Jeans - Tally Weijl