Perfection. Impeccability. AlpStories. The cleansing gel Sage & Mint


I love AlpStories. Have I told you? May be no more than one hundred times. So I can say it again. Yes, I love AlpStories because each their product has got a perfect quality and I'm always sure: if I take it I won't be dissilusioned and won't be needed to treat my skin later. When I started to use the cleansing gel Sage & Mint by AlpStories I understood: it would be super. I was mistaken. Because it is more than super! Why? I'll tell you in my today review!


Unfortunately this product isn't available on the Ukrainian web-cite of AlpStories but you can find it in European one. I got the gel in the box by the brand and it was my New year gift which I absolutely love so far! I started to use it instantly!


The product has got very light consistency. I have noticed that AlpStories likes the formula of gel and they have got lots of different gels - for legs, for hands, for actives... All of them are very good but the cleansing gel Sage & Mint is ideal! Why? 


Just the bare facts: 

  1. The gel cleans the face perfectly. I want to repeate: perfectly! It works ideally, I never have spots of cosmetics which hasn't been washing out. I never need to take more of the product to remove the remains of a mascara or a pencil. And the gel removes even a waterproof cosmetics. Very quickly!
  2. The product is "no tears". I always suffered from the agressive cosmetics which irritated my eyes. That's why I stopped to use all cleansing products exept the micellare water. And the gel Sage & Mint by AlpStories returned me the faith in this kind of cosmetics.


3. The gel makes the skin very soft. I didn't known that my face can be so silky till I started to use this product by AlpStories! Now I haven't got problems with acne or irritation and my skin is never dry - even in very cold days when there is so big frost on the street. When I start to use a new product I always affraid of the damage my skin. But I have never had this result with the AlpStories's items. Only chic effect, only perfect skin!


And I want to notice that this product is incredibly lasting! It has a portioner and I even need to push it not so strong - just to get less quantity of the product than it can give me. I need a small tad for cleaning all the face! The gel instantly makes a good foam and I clean my skin without big efforts. 

The bootle is very convenient, the portioner works perfectly. It's important when you take it with the wet hands.


And of course this gel is vegan. It wasn't tested on animals as all products by this brand. This is very important for me because I don't use cosmetics which isn't cruelty free. 

The list of ingredients is very good! The gel Sage & Mint contains only a combination of different herbal extracts:


The producer says that the product can normalize the process of a production of skin sebum. I have noticed that my oily skin has become almost normal. I don't feel any oily film on it even if I'm on the very warm room. Last week I had got a public speaking (I read my poetry in front of a big audience). I was so nervous but my skin stayed to be normal. 

It's a swatch. The gel is just transparent. It doesn't contain parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, artifical colors, silicones and synthetic fragrances.The aroma of this product is so tender! AlpStories's items usually have got very bright fragrances but this one is very gentle.


I realise this product will be very lasting and now I even don't want to think what I'll do when it finishes. Hope I will have got a possibility to buy a new one. I'll be happy if this product is available in Ukrainian web-cite!

Have you tried some "European" products by AlpStories? Or some Ukrainian?  Which their items is your fave?

*The cleansing gel Sage & Mint was given by AlpStories for independent testing. Buy it you can on the official web-site of this brand.