Pre-review. 4 reasons why the Corean cosmetics is worthy of attention


Today is the second day in my life when I use the Corean cosmetics. Earlier I tried only a few testers and it wasn't regularly so I can say that my expirience was zero when I started using the system by Corean brand Benton. And... I have never have got more inspiring cosmetics! Today I'll write only a quick post - just a pre-review. The whole post will be soon but now I'm so surprised and so admired, I can't keep silence! 


Why I didn't used this cosmetics till now? Because I was affraid of its power. I knew that Corean products are very powerfull and I was nervous - I thought that they can damage my skin giving it over intensive care. To be honestly, I was affraid these consequences when I got a Benton's products also. Of course I read lots of positive reviews of this cosmetics but I was VERY careful with it and... OMG how conservative I was! This is the best system in my life!

Now I use:

  1. Honest Cleansing Foam,
  2. Snail Bee High content skin toner,
  3. Snail Bee High content essense,
  4. Snail Bee High content lotion,
  5. Snail Bee High content steam cream


Only two days and these products...

  • ...have helped me to get rid off the closed comedones (now I still have got a few ones but I think we will say good bye each other very soon);
  • ...have made my skin smoother (before starting of using Benton's system I forgot to take a scrub but now I see that it isn't neccessary - the skin is really clean, soft and tender without the agressive cleansing methods);
  • ...have eliminated a few inflammations (I haven't got the acne now but some small problems sometimes appeare on my face and these products really help!);
  • ...have done something with my freckles - I don't know what it has been (this is incredible but true - my freckles have never been so pale, especially in spring when we have got cold but sunny days!).

I couldn't believe my eyes when I throw a glance in a mirror today morning. No problem which I have been waiting for! Only cool result! 

I'll told you everything about this system (and about other products which I have got also) when I teste it more but now I can say that I'm fully satisfied. Thank Benton for really cool experience!  

Do you understand my admire? Do you like Corean cosmetics? Have you tried something, may be something by this brand?

*The system by Benton was given by brand for independent testing. You can buy these products on the Benton's web-site.