Preview. New products by ChistoTel! Let's start a magic!


It was an unexpected package! One of very interesting for me Ukrainian brands ChistoTel has made me happy with its novelties. I got a few new products and all of them have been so promising! Now I started to use a half of them and can say - theay are really magic! 

What have I got by ChistoTel? It's a very versatile collection:

  1. A shampoo for normal and oily hair from the series Essence of organic,
  2. A balm for normal and oily hair (also from that series),
  3. A black beldi from the series Traditions of hammam,
  4. A facial cream Tea tree.

I decided to start from haircare products and I'm going to tell you about them soon. Both are super but I need some time to open all their properties! 


The brand has got lots of novelties and all of them are available on its web-site:

  1. A line of organic shampoos which are based on the vegeteables ingredients. All of them are very carefull and clean the hair very gently. The shampoos make a process of combing the hair out very simple and don't contain of SLS or other harmful ingredients
  2. A line of hair balms - it contains a balm-conditioner for dry and damaged hair which strenghtens the hair intesively and makes the weak hair thicker, stronger and more elastic and a balm-conditioner for normal and oily hair (this is mine) which regulates a work of the sebaceous glands and makes the hair very strong and shiny;
  3. A scrub-balm for a skin of a head Eastern Traditions which stimulates a blood circulation and gives a good nourishment for the hair;
  4. A moisturising conditioner Lavender and Lime (series Essence of organic) which softens the hair and makes the process of a combing the hair out easier.

And also there are a few facial creams. This is really cool idea for me because I opened the organic facial cosmetics only recently. ChistoTel has got:

  1. A nourishing facial cream which can suspend the process of skin aging;
  2. The cream Tea tree (mine!) for good moistening and fighting against the skin inflammations;
  3. A recovering facial cream which moisturises the skin intensively and can recover even very dry and exhausted skin;
  4. A body cream Lemongrass and Shea for softening and calming the skin.

Of course this is not all and you can find other novelties on the special page on the Chistotel's web-site

I'll tell you everything that I know about these products. All reviews will be soon on AnnyDay!

Do you know about this brand? Have you tried something yet? Let's start the magic of ChistoTel together!