Red&white in my life


I wanted to show you my red&white look for Viva Beauty Day and I forgot to do this! But this look is becoming not inappropriate because I can't wear a coat now, it's too hot. So I need to be in a hurry and show you this outfit before it will be too old! I liked it, it was unusual for me but I felt perfectly in these clothes! All of them red or white - very unexpectable colors for me!


It was a red&white dress-code on Viva Beauty Day and it was very hard - to find the appropriate clothes for this case. I don't like the red color so much and I wear it hardly ever because I think it can "steal" my appearance. When I'm in red clothes I feel that my face isn't even visible - I have got quite a pale type of the skin and fair eyes. So I prefer only pastels but sometimes I need to change my looks! Of course I also want to try the red color in my outfits. Even though in some special cases.


This long red coat has been a gift by my sister-in-law. When I saw this coat in her closet I admired it and it became mine unexpectable! So cool surprise, isn't it?


And the red skirt is just my perfect finding in one of Ukrainian shops. It has been made in Ukraine so of course I wear it always when I want to show the chic clothes from our country.


Whan else? My fave shirt (you can saw it in lots of mine looks) and my fave bowtie. I think without it I couldn't have got a really interesting outfit!


Do you like red and white in your looks? Do you wear these colors and especially the red one? How do you think can them be good idea for every day outfits or not?



  • Coat - I don't know the brand 
  • Shirt - Reserved
  • Skirt  -ShopEn
  • Oxfords - Palaris
  • Clutch - Reserved
  • Bowtie - N&Z
style white