Review: A cleansing facial milk The tender skin by Biokon. A real milk in a bathroom!


Usually I don't like using a facial milk (for me this product isn't so effective) but this one is really interesting. The facial milk for cleansing the skin by Biokon works very well and I use it even more often than I planned. This product is from the new series The tender skin by the brand and it justifies its name - it makes the skin absolutely tender! Why? I'll tell you in my today review!



The product has got a usual consistency of a facial milk - liquid (I think it should be even denser!), white, not oily but not watery. Show a swatch at the first onset:


The milk The tender skin by Biokon is suitable for all skin types and it helps to remove a make up. It's usual scheme - you should put a few tads of the milk on the cotton pad and then just wipe the face. I need to do this procedure a few times. At first I remove only not so lasting cosmetics but I need to work hardlier with a mascara, waterproof cosmetics and lasting lipstick. So I can remove all make up only after 2-3 times of wiping the face. And then I prefer to use a facial toner or a micellare water - just to remove everything that could stay on the skin.


Also I have to say that this milk isn't belonged to the type of "no tears" products. It can irritate the eyes so I usually try to keep them closed thoroughly when I clean them! Or I sometimes use for them other make up remover (because the milk is a product rather for face than for the eyes, I think). But actually this result is not a news for me - all milks by all brands have got the same disadvantage!


The main advantage of this product is its effect. The skin becomes really tender after the process of cleansing. The milk calms the skin, moisturises it well and makes it very clean. After this product by Biokon I can not to use a facial cream - the skin doesn't need it! It is very soft and very tender. Sometimes I think that this is a usual milk - just a milk, not a cosmetical product! 


The bottle with the milk is big enough. I use this product almost tree week and I have got now about a half of the bottle. I say more, during this period of time my mom was my guest so she also try this milk by Biokon and despite that it lasts very slowly whatever! It's possible due to a portioner - it gives a small dose of the product and I never overuse it.


Mom likes this milk by Biokon even more than me - she think that this brand is one of the best for fading skin and this milk could be a part of antiage skincare. May be I'll give this product to her as a gift.

The composition of the milk:


Ingredients in English: water, corn oil, glycerin, ceteareth, stearin, oil of camellia and peach, licorice extract, panthenol, Vitamines E and F, ascorbyl, serine, arginine, glycine, methylparaben, propylparaben, diazolidinyl urea, carbomer, sodium hydroxide, disodium EDTA, BHA, perfume, hexyl cinnamal, geraniol, hydroxymethyl phenylcyclohexan, carboxaldehyde, hydroxycitronellal, butilfenilmetilpropional, citronellol.

What can you say about this list? I read about a harmful effect of some ingredients so I'm not sure that this composition is perfect. But I don't know properties of these ingredients, I'm not an expert.


This product is the first item by Biokon in my collection. I think the series The tender skin is worthy of attention so I want to try something else from it. Have you tried these products? Or some other ones by Biokon? What do you like?

*The cleansing facial milk The tender skin was given by Biokon for independent testing. You can find it on the web-site of this brand or in lots of lines of the shops in you city.