Review: Baby bath foam 2 in 1 BabyBorn by Elfa. For children? No, for me!


Children's cosmetics is the best finding for... adults! It's a rule and you will understand me if you try some baby's products for yourself. For example a bath foam BabyBorn which is made by Ukrainian Elfa laboratory. This is product 2 in 1 - it can be used as a foam or a shampoo for children and... it can be also cool cosmetics for adults. Try it! I'll tell you how to use this product in my today review!


The BabyBorn series is for the smallest babies and this cosmetics could be used even for newborns, it is suitable for them from the first day of their life. There is an inscription on the bottle - 0% and this is means that there aren't any harmful ingredient in a composition - any SLES, SLS, artificial dyes, perfumes. We with my daughter Tanya are using this foam almost every day during about a month and we haven't got any problems with it despite the fact that Tnya has got an allergy.

This is the ingredients:


May be you can see something bad in this list, can't you? Tell me about this please!

There are lots of botanicals and all of them are hypoallergenic. The baby's skin is very tender and there should be only special products in the parent's collection.The foam BabyBorn by Elfa is the versatile product. We use it also as a shower gel (sometimes) and this is especially important because now we haven't got a hot water in our house and we haven't a possibility to take a bath every day! But taking a shower with this cosmetics is so convenient.



But we love using this foam as a shampoo more than a just a gel!

It is really careful for hair! It washes them very gently and makes the hair softer and lighter. I don't feel heavynees in them and I see that they stay clean every day. But next morning they are dirty again and I need to wash them (it's normal for me, it isn't a problem!).

Tanya's hair became also so tender and soft after this product and I can't say that I need to wash them more often.


The best thing - this product is "without tears"! Only with the foam BabyBorn by Elfa Tanya has started to love the process of washing her hair. All children's shampoo should have got this effect but she didn't like them. This product is a quite different matter! And I can confirm: it is very comfortable for eyes, I also haven't got any irritation on them. And it is transparent - the best proof that it is natural! 

A swatch:


Also the foam BabyBorn by Elfa hasn't got an aroma. Well... it could have got it but I feel nothing.

Also I need to say that this is not so economic product. I need quite a lot if I want to have got enough quantity of the foam or the shampoo. The bottle has got a portioner. For Tanya's hair I need 2-3 clicks on it, for mine ones - 4-5. If I make the foam I take about 10 doses or even more for the whole bath (the producer says that you need 2-3 clicks on the portioner for ever 10 litres of water).


And I want to say about using this product as a foam. This is for very small babies so the product doesn't contain the harmful foam formers. It means that it doesn't gives the big foam - it is always small and tender. Enough for a child but there aren't lots of "snowdrifts" in our bath! An example:


The foam is kept in the bath about 15 minutes and then dissapears. It is enough because this product is for newberns and they don't take a bath more than 5-7 minutes. For Tanya I just make the foam not in the beginning of the process and this is part of the games in the bathroom! 

Now we have got critically low quantity of the product so may be we'll stop to use it as a foam. This is really good shampoo and I'll finish it and then buy a new one!


I know, lots of you use the children's cosmetics for yourself. What do you like? Have you tried this foam yet? I highly recommended it, this is chic product for adults so use it even if you haven't got children!

*The bath foam 2 in 1 BabyBorn was given by laboratory Elfa for independent testing.

This line of product you can find on the Elfa's website.