Review: Bath salt Rosemary by AlpStories. It's my time of warmness


I love taking a bath now even more that in winter. I don't like wearing heavy and warm clothes in spring so when the weather is bad I just feel cold every day and in the evening need to get something incredibly warm. It's time of warmness and I need really chic cosmetics for this time. For instance the bath salt by AlpStories. Now I use the salt Rosemary. It's absolutely gorgeous and I'm going to tell you everything about it in my today review!


What is the bath salt by AlpStories? At first it is a natural product which contains only chic organic extract. It haven't got any harmful ingredients in its composition and when I use it I feel that all Alpine flowers are with me in my bathroom. The whole list of ingredients:


Of course using this collection of natural oils and extracts is a pleasure! And it gives to me really chic warmness. In winter I need everything warm - warm clothes, blankets, tea and coffee and of course a bath salt. Now when it is not so cold I need only a good bath to stop being freezed. And the bath salt Rosemary by AlpStories is the best choice. I have got also a salt Lavender by this brand but the Rosemary one is more interesting for spring. It has got not so heavy aroma and for me this salt is smelled like a big spring Alpine meadow. 


The product contains not only a crystals of a sea salt but also the parts of Rosemary and Eucalyptus. When the salt is dissolve in water the leaves and other parts of flowers stay with my in the bath. I'm laying and feel their perfect aroma. It stays on the skin long time after a bath and the chic composition of this salt makes the skin so fresh, soft and tender. I never use the body milk after taking a bath with the salt Rosemary by AlpStories and I always feel that my skin is perfect.

I don't take a bath every day but when I take a break I use other AlpStories's products. I have got a few shower gels and a shower oil by this brand so my every day skincare routine is very versatile and always pleasant!


The most gorgeous effect of this salt is its property to give me a true relaxation. Usually I take a bath after a very cold and hard day. It is irreplaceable if I worked a lot or drived almost the whole day and after all problems and challenges 15-20 minutes of a bath are just like a gift. After using the bath salt Rosemary by AlpStories I just feel that I'm full of energy and I even can continue working during a half of a night!


Also using this product is a good idea when I just want to fall asleep quickly. The bath with this product gives a relax also so if I want I can go to bed after it and I sleep all night very well.


The producer says that the bath salt Rosemary by AlpStories has got not only good cleansing properties, it also can make the whole body healthier. Rosemary stimulates the blood circulation and gives the skin lots of energy. I feel this - energy is with me the whole day after the bath with this product.


If I need toning up my skin I make a massage with this salt. It can be used also as a scrub. I think. The crystals are not harsh and they don't scratch the skin (especially if I add a little dose of water). So may be I won't need a special body scrub this summer, I'll use the bath salt by AlpStories!


And a few words about a package. I love AlpStories's style! This bottle is really chic decoration of my bathroom. It is so laconic and so light! Even if I take the bottle with wet hands I can't drop it. It's very convenient and I think I'll supplement my collection of bath salts by AlpStories! Which one will be my next?


Have you used this kind of AlpStories's products yet? Do you like using a bath salt? Have you tried a bath salt by AlpStories? Which one?

*The bath salt Rosemary was given by AlpStories for independent testing. You can find this product on the official web-site of this brand.