Review: Bio Renewal moisturizing gel mask with seabuckthorn by AVA Laboratorium. No problems with your skin!


I know cosmetics, which works as Photoshop. But the BIO Renewal moisturizing gel mask by AVA Laboratorium hasn’t got this effect. Because Photoshop can only hide some skin problems but it doesn’t treat them. This mask doesn’t hide anything – it makes problems disappear. Really? Let’s talk about it!


What is this?

The gel mask speaks for itself. This is a gel, nothing more! It is liquid, transparent, a little bit watery product. That’s why I need only a few drops for covering all my face. The watery product is spread on the skin quickly and easily. So the Bio Renewal gel mask by AVA Laboratorium is very economical. A tube contains of only 30 ml of product and in the beginning of using I thought that it is so small. But this volume decreases slowly. I used the mask during almost a month and I don’t see that it there is less product in the tube. 


What does this mask do?

The product works as a… what? If I has said “a miracle” it would have been banal. No, there is no magic but when I just put the gel mask on the skin:

  1. I feel very powerful moistening (this is the merit of hyaluronic acid!);
  2. I see how quickly my wrinkles disappear (and they don’t come back!) – this is possible due to seabuckthorn complex which contains of vitamins A, B, C, E and makes the aging process slower;
  3. I touch my face and understand that it is velvet and smooth (there is an effect of cornflower extract, which calms the skin and has got anti-inflammatory properties).  

This is a gorgeous skincare product for home procedures.  The Bio Renewal moisturizing gel mask by AVA Laboratorium has got a unique formula. Ingredients:


Hyaluronic acid, vitamins A and E, cornflower extract, carrageenan. Parabens free!

How to use this product?

I do it once per a week. In the evening. I know that I can get the best effect in the morning but usually I haven’t got these 15-20 minutes for morning skincare. 

After the putting the product on the skin the gel mask dries quickly and I feel only a thin film. It isn’t unpleasant, just a little bit sticky on touch. All time when the mask is on the skin I feel powerful moisturizing – it seems that the skin “drinks” this product.  

Than I wash the mask off by a wet cotton pad and usually there is no mask on the face after the 15 minutes – all useful ingredients are absorbed into the skin. I don’t need a moisturizing cream after the procedure (and sometimes I don’t need it 2-3 days after the gel mask – I use only the lightest textures in that days). 


Can you see it? Just a transparent liquid, nothing more!


My resume

I knew that cosmetics by AVA Laboratorium would be worthy of attention even if you were a tempted beauty-blogger but I even couldn’t imagine, that it would be so powerful! Of course I’m going to continue acquaintance with this brand and the Bio Renewal moisturizing gel mask will be one of the product I want to use always.

Do you know cosmetics by AVA Laboratorium? Do you like it? Which product is your favorite? 

*The Bio Renewal moisturizing gel mask was given by AVA Laboratorium for independent testing. You can find this product in the official online-shop of the brand in Ukraine.

Price - 378 UAH ($14).