Review: Cream Snail by “Zillya Mavky”. The product with secrets


When I saw the cream Snail by Ukrainian workshop “Zillya Mavky” I understood that this is serious product. I had read a few reviews about it, then I looked throw a list of ingredients… and I decided that I would have been love this cream. It has been truth – I have loved this product so much. Today I want to tell you why it is really worthy of attention. 


The cream Snail looks like a very simple, laconic product. I like a design of a jar, it is quite original and so lovely! All useful information is on the jar – no extra words, only name of the product and a combination. Here it is:


Why I like this cream? I have got a few arguments:

  1. It is very light! The texture of the product is perfect for the summer, it is spread perfectly and absorbed quickly. No oily spots! The skin never feels overeated! But there is one important nuance in using of the product and I’ll tell you about it lower. 
  2. The product makes the skin very fresh and it really softens it. I forgot about redness, irritations and slaking the skin off after the first using.
  3. The cream can make the skin matte! The producer didn’t promise this effect but I have noticed it! After 2-3 using of the cream I touched my very oily skin by chance and… It was just smooth and even! No oiliness at all! I didn’t believe in this result because I started to use the cream in April when there isn’t so hot. But now, in warm July, I feel the same! I don’t use any other matte products, this one works perfectly without help!


Which problems can you cope with if you use the cream Snail?

Only one - clogged pores if you put the product on the skin very often but this is individual problem. Of course, the cream is suitable for everyday using (and you even can put it on the skin twice per a day). But there is a small flaws in my case. Probably the snail mucin extract is very powerful for my skin (I noticed it earlier when I used other products with this ingredient) so my face doesn’t need this cream very often. I decided use it only once per a day and sometimes I have a break with the cream Snail and take something else. 

*This is my important nuance of using. This secret helps me to make a smooth skin without a by-effect. 


Also I need to notice that this cream has got not very long shelf life and you should keep it in a fridge. This is no problem, I think. I always keep my cosmetics there, especially in summer. But this could be disadvantage if you want to take the cream Snail with you on a long trip. So be careful!


My resume is simple: the cream Snail by “Zillya Mavky” is a recommendable product in my collection. And maybe I want to continue my acquaintance with this brand. 

Do you know about it? Have you ever tried something by “Zillya Mavky”? Do you like cosmetics with snail mucin extract?

*The cream Snail was given by “Zillya Mavky” for independent testing. You can find this brand here or on Facebook.

Price 85 UAH ($3,2).