Review: The Cucumber Balance control skincare series by Dr. Sante. Cheap and effective


If I don’t know which skincare product should I buy I always try to find novelties by Ukrainian brand Laboratory Elfa. It always has got lots of different skincare series and recently I tested a new one – a Cucumber Balance control series which offers everything you need for your face (and not only face). Some products are gorgeous, some of them weren’t very good for me but I can say that this cheap and effective series is worthy of attention. Why? Let sort it out together in my today review!


The series offers lots of products and I have tried 4 for a face care:

  • A soft cleansing foam,
  • An antibacterial toner,
  • A facial cream,
  • A refreshing eye cream.

All of them are “Balance control” and it means that all these products can help the skin to recover its balance, make it matte and protected from all negative factors. The series Cucumber is the best choice for combination or oily skin (I have got this one) and it helps to get rid of usual problems for this skin type: oiliness, inflammations, irritations. 


What can these products make with the skin? Let look! 

The cleansing foam Cucumber Balance control by Dr. Sante

This product should clean the skin, remove makeup and moisturize the skin well. The foam can do this but… only in morning! When you have got no makeup the product works well and cleans the skin successfully. But if you have got even though an eye liner or a mascara… It will a big problem to make the face clean.


Unfortunately for me this foam wasn’t effective at removing cosmetics so now I use the foam Cucumber but Dr. Sante only in morning. And I can recommend it for everyone who like washing the skin in morning. This is quite decent product! 


The foam has got a very tender consistency. But I can’t say that it is spent economically. I need to push 2-3 times on a portioner to get enough quantity of product. 

A swatch:


A composition:


The antibacterial toner Cucumber Balance control by Dr. Sante


This is my first toners after a big break of using this type of products. It helps to remove makeup spots which can stay on the skin after using the cleansing foam. Also the toner refreshes the skin and makes it matte. Of course I have noticed this effect but I have also seen that the toner can clog the pores. I don’t know how it does this but it was a disappointment so I stopped using this product. Maybe the toner don’t remove makeup very well and these spots of cosmetics clog the pores… or this is just my own intolerance… I don’t know. The toner contains a benzyl alcohol (my skin doesn’t like this ingredient in compositions) and glycerin (I have got some problems with it because it usually dries my skin). So maybe the problem is in a composition. I gave the product to my friend and she told me that she haven’t had got any problems!

A composition:


The facial cream Cucumber Balance control by Dr. Sante

This product is one of the best in my collection! The lightest texture, the best moistening, a tender skin after! The cream gives a good matte effect, refreshes the skin, regulates sebum. It also should decrease the pores, the producer says, but I haven’t noticed this effect yet. But obviously the skin become better. It is not so oily. And it looks well-maintained. 


A composition:


I think this cream is good for spring or summer. I used it in winter also and I noticed that sometimes I needed more care, especially if there was a big frost. I can say also that the cream Cucumber is good as a daily care and for night the skin needs something thicker. But if you want to have got a product which is so light and there won’t be oily spots on the skin after which, the cream Cucumber Balance control is yours! I highly recommend it for everyone who look for effective, light and cheap product!  


The eye cream Cucumber Balance control by Dr. Sante

Refreshing product which gives natural UF-protection and decreases the dark circles under the eyes. I have never seen the dark circles during using this cream. But if there are some edemas under the eyes the product won’t cope with them.


The eye cream has got a very light texture as the facial cream. It should decrease small wrinkles but don’t wait for a miracle, it will be just usual effect: the skin will look good, well-maintained, healthy but you won’t see that it has become 10 years younger. 

A composition:


A swatch:


Talking about the Cucumber Balance control series I can not help but note its PERFECT aroma. All products have got it - very fresh, very spring fragrance! It is a little bit “cucumber” but you won’t feel something “vegetable”, this is rather fresh perfume flavor. If there is a real perfume with this aroma I’ll buy it with a pleasure!

I think this series is very good novelty by Laboratory Elfa. All products are decent and I’ll tell you about other parts of this line later. There are lots of different findings for combination and oily skin and I highly recommend just to try them! I know not all girls like this series and not all products are ideal (even for me) but I advice to find the best for you. The products are very cheap and there is a big chance that you will find effective care for you without paying lots of money. 

Do you know about this series? Do you like trying cheap cosmetics? Do you want to try these products by Dr. Sante? 

The Cucumber Balance control series was given by Laboratory Elfa for independent testing.

You can find these products on the Elfa's website