Review: Everything will be Creamwell! My new and perfect daily cream


When I get a new Ukrainian cosmetics I can forget everything - I absolutely love trying the new products and knowing the new producers so they are always on the first place for me. And when I had got an opportunity to test a daily cream by Ukrainian organic brand Creamwell I did not think twice! I ordered it and I enjoy this product so far! I'm going to introduce you very interesting organic brand from Ukraine and exellent working product by it in my today review! This is the daily cream Creamwell for oily and combination skin!


(My daughter tried to eat the jar with a cream so it has got a small damage :)))

First that I lovе in this product is it's texture. Just imagine that you put on your skin the most tender yogurt which you have tried. Or a whipped cream. It's gentle? Oh, yes, it's incredibly gentle! It's really perfect feeling of tenderness. This texture is absolutely light, the cream absorbs instantly and there is only chic and smooth skin after it! No oily film, no spots, no clogged pores!




Oh, yes, about the pores! I can see that they became less noticeable and I now haven't got any problems with them. Usually the organic creams  can clog pores (I had got this sad experience) but the one by Creamwell is so light and it isn't able to do this! 

Also the cream gives me a perfect nourishment. When we with the founder of this brand Tatiana discussed which product would be suitable for me, she said she could find the one than would be really good replacement for my favorite Bulgarian cream by White rose. And yes, this product has been the best competitor for it! I even stopped using the Bulgarian cream - it isn't neccessary now!



I use this product in the morning - after the cleansing procedures. The cream is suitable for oily and combination skin (this is mine!). It moisturises the skin very well, makes it matte and can normalise the work of the sebaceous glands. My skin is now not so oily and even if I feel hot I never suffer from the greasy shine on T-zone (my usual problem). I think this effect will stay in summer also so this cream will so long time with me :) 


Also the product is good finding if you have got inflammations periodically. I have got them but after I have started to use this cream by Creamwell all my acne dissapear quickly and never are big and painful. And this product can remove the spots after acne. I have had got very good complexion and smooth surface of the skin now. I even forget to use the powder sometimes, the skin never bothers me!



The cream is the best base for a daily make up. Due to a quickly absorbing it never makes problems with blending a powder or a blush. Ever light make up product lays on my skin without lumps even if I didn't wait for absorbing the cream long enough. 

And I love the fragrance of the daily cream by Creamwell. Firstly it is very tender, floral aroma and then, a few minutes ago it becomes a little bit unusual and... organic! Have you ever smelled some organic creams? They have got very specific flavour, really? This cream has also got it, and this aroma isn't unpleasant. It's just unusual.



And yes, I need to repeate: the product is organic. There is its full composition: distilled water, lemon hydrolat, chamomile hydrolat, oil of black cumin, oil of grape, caprylic triglycerides, olive emulsifier, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, zinc oxide, collagen, elastin, extract of cucumber, vitamine E, essential oils, preservative Optiphen Ultra.



SO what is the conclusion? This cream is the lighest product I have tried. And may be I'll buy it again when my one will have been finished. I think Creamwell is the most interesting and worthy of attention cosmetics between all organic Ukrainian brands. I have tried a lot of them so I know :)

Do you know about the cosmetics by Creamwell? Do you want to try it?

*The daily cream for oily and combo skin was given by Creamwell for independent testing. You can buy it on the web-site of the brand or write the producer on Instagram and Facebook.